12 Zodiac Houses

What Are The 12 Houses Of The Zodiac And What Do They Mean??

The 12 astrological houses There are angular houses that are the strongest and most powerful in their effects; These are I, X, VII and IV, in.

The Twelve Houses, is the name given to the second area of ​​the thick mountain of the Sanctuary of Athena, located on the highest plateau, being considered.

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The meaning and influence of the twelve houses in natal astrology is strongly influenced by their relationship with the twelve signs of the zodiac.

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The Twelve Houses, is the name given to the second area of ​​the thick mountain of the Sanctuary of Athena, located on the highest plateau, being considered.

The 12 Astrological Houses And Their Meaning ▷➡ Postposmo ▷➡

A house in astrology resembles a clock. The zodiac is divided as we know into 12 individual segments, each ruled by a different sign.

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WhatsApp It is not enough to just know the sign that governs us at the moment of birth, either by the Sun or the Moon. If this information is complemented with the astrological houses, we will have completed the wheel. The astral houses correspond to the fractions of the paradigms that govern the behavior of human beings. This gear between the different houses, refers to the way in which they can face and manage the different energies that come from the Constellations of the zodiac, the planets and the different scenarios where people operate.

While in the Natal Chart, each sign shows all the energy available to the person, the astrological houses indicate where those energies should be used. Astrological houses and their meaning Knowing precisely the meaning of astrological houses adds a psychological factor that allows the person to function better in their interpersonal relationships.

For example, you can use the orientations given by your zodiac sign and the natal chart, to make the most of your potential. House one concerns the sign of Aries, that is why when interpreting this house, it should be considered that it indicates the beginning of projects, the impulse that the person must have to face life, if he intends to be victorious. The way in which the Self of this first house is mentioned, with the way in which the sign of the Sun is spoken, should not be confused at all.

That is, in the house it is raised from the external point of view of the person, his appearance. On the contrary, in the zodiac of the Sun, it is presented as the particular way of each person to live. The sign of Aries, as well as its house, allow us to decipher that energy that each person has, the abilities and skills, the desire to progress, to do things better, in short, to be able to take charge of life and start new projects.

This characteristic confirms that the astrological house 2 is related to the personal need to possess goods that give it a status above the rest. The people of house two, give great importance to what they have, to the goals they want to achieve and calculate very well how to achieve it.

Taurus people like to move in environments where they feel quite safe and know how to act in the event of a setback. The second house, in summary, indicates the way in which people manage their resources, to face future situations that are not very favorable to continue increasing their profits.

That is, it indicates the way in which people communicate, how they make their ideas, concerns, needs and feelings known. All the activities that are related to the communicational fact, have a base in this house. Fourth house This section highlights the importance of everything related to home and family. In general, they like to keep all affections in harmony and express their maternal instincts out loud. When the fourth house is in balance and harmony, it can be said that it is an indication of long life for that person and for all the members of his family.

While if he loses his balance, everything falls apart and makes him question his origin, parents, childhood, among others. Fifth house This house is related to children, the person’s ability to create and how it is possible to establish relationships with the rest of the world.

Being in complete harmony with the fifth house allows all creativity, fluidity in communications and the power of attraction of situations that cause pleasure and tranquility to flourish. Those born under the sign of Leo need to maintain a symbiotic relationship with the rest of the people, because they see themselves reflected in their neighbor. Those born in the sign of Virgo, are par excellence very detailed and die for the perfection of their environment and how they see everything around them.

The sixth house, guides to find the balance between work, conflict resolution, improve the ways of working and obtain work recognition. The service to which it refers in this house, not only refers to the provision and in return a remuneration is received. As is known by all, those born under the sign of Virgo always like to keep themselves in excellent physical condition, their appearance is a value that is highly appreciated by them. Seventh house In the six previous houses, the recommendations were oriented to subjectivity, that is, they spoke of the part of the feelings.

Now up to facts and logical reasoning. They carefully analyze what is convenient and what can affect its stability. To better understand the functioning of this house, it is necessary to understand how the planets affect relationships and thus be able to maintain balance. The people ruled by this house, investigate in depth the relationships with the partners, the possible enemies, if they can sign beneficial contracts, such as their marriage relationship, in short, they are very analytical in relationships.

Eighth house The sign of Scorpio lives in the eighth house, for this reason it is marked with quite deep features. The interpretation of this house can mention some negative aspects of health, such as temporary or chronic illnesses that can cause you to lose a little emotional balance.

It can also be read in the eighth house, all the assets of the person, not only referring to those that he is capable of producing, it is possible that those that may be received by inheritance or other means are also included. Everything that has to do with a deepening of knowledge, from the philosophical to the religious, here in this house is magnified. Tenth house In box ten, the sign of Capricorn also coincides.

This house has a lot of inclination with the mission of life, vocations and positioning in the best jobs. The orientation that casa ten makes for the achievement of the full satisfaction of the person is extremely significant.

Indicates the correct path so that you can live harmoniously in community. If the box of the tenth house is filled, it is an indication that the work of that person is to your liking and that you feel happy to do it. He also talks about the possibility of obtaining recognition from society. A badly aspected 10 house delays the progress of that person consulted, everything in his life is done out of obligation, nothing gives him satisfaction and that affects the ability to attract good energies to his life.

The part of the friendships, teachers and intellectuals that help the aggrandizement of knowledge is revealed. The planets that concur in this house, describe all those people who are related to the particular tastes. It is also related to reincarnated lives, personal setbacks, what is written in the book of life and the purpose that has to be fulfilled. The zodiacal sign that corresponds to this section is Pisces and the ruling planet is Neptune.

This combination of sign and planet makes it difficult to easily define the personality. The local time must be specified to know the Ascendant, it is also important that the exact time of birth of the person who makes the consultation is known. These estimates can be made without many setbacks, with the tables that are already available for this purpose. They also have at their disposal different web portals, which have these applications online and can save the hassle.

Steps The main objective is to obtain the time of birth and the Ascendant for each of the houses and try to locate them in their respective positions on the map. And the correct way to do it is mentioned below: Event time, this can be the time of birth or any other query you want to make. Official time, is the one corresponding to the difference between the time of the event and the time of the different Seasons of the year.

Time or Universal Time of the day, month and year to consult. Place location conversion in degrees, minutes and seconds. Then they must add to the sidereal hour HS. If the longitude is in an easterly direction, they must be subtracted and thus the midnight HS is established.

Add this data to the hour, also considering the minutes and seconds, from hour 0 to the time of birth.