18 Gifts

’18 Gifts’ The New Movie To Remember The Value Of Mom’s Love

A young pregnant woman with terminal cancer leaves 18 gifts, with a lot of sentimental value, so that her unborn daughter receives every birthday until she reaches maturity.

Gift box with ten mini perfumes. The firm Charrier Parfums makes things easy for us to give away a select choice of perfumes. In this.

Nyakim Gatwech

Vittoria Puccini and Benedetta Porcaroli the film that revives in a unique way the real case of a mother who did not see her grow up.

’18 Gifts’ is an Italian film that features the participation of Vittoria Puccini in the role of Elisa, Bendetta Porcaroli.

Review of 18 gifts | Netflix drama movie

The film was shot in Italy, however director Francesco Amato sought out neutral locations for the set. The main location of the film is Rome, with.

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