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‘365 Days’, The Netflix Movie Accused Of Normalizing Sexual Abuse

Massimo is a member of the Sicilian mafia family and Laura is a sales director. On a trip to Sicily trying to save their relationship, Laura is kidnapped by Massimo, who gives her days to fall in love with him.

The novel on which " DNI " is based has two sequels that or " days " in Spanish) everything seems to indicate that the Polish film.


A woman falls into the hands of a mob boss, who kidnaps her and gives her a year to fall in love with him. See trailers and more.

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Days, Netflix’s most controversial movie, will have a second and third part. Victor Rodriguez. May 31. – frame of " days".

‘Days’, the Netflix movie accused of normalizing sexual abuse

‘ dni’ is a Polish erotic drama which is based on the novel by Blanka Lipinska. The film is directed by Barbara Bialowas (‘Big Love’), who also.

An example of this is the statement issued by the feminist organization Pro Empower, where the withdrawal of the streaming service is demanded, considering that it promotes "the culture of rape". These films promote rape culture.

End of. Popular culture is influenced by films like these. NetflixUK This open letter highlights the danger of hosting a film like days on your streaming platform. We urge you to provide an adequate trigger warning, to acknowledge how the film may feed into rape culture and consider the possibility of removing the film altogether.

The cinematographer of the Netflix erotic thriller, Bartek Cierlica, has replied to these statements: "I don’t know whether to feel offended or flattered," he told Variety. Cierlica confessed that "the story is somewhat close to Fifty Shades of Grey, since both have a handsome and rich man who opens the door to a new life and sensual experiences for the heroine".

In its day, the movie Fifty Shades of Gray was equally controversial. During the premiere of the same several activists appeared, who by way of protest denounced that the novels of E. James "romanticize abuse and praise an abusive person". This group of activists, called 50 Shades is Domestic Abuse 50 shades is domestic abuse, arrived at the gates of the London cinema where the film was presented, with posters and banners that cried out against the attitude of abuse adopted by Christian Gray.

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