365 Days To Fall In Love

365 Days, The Erotic Netflix Movie That Everyone Is Talking About ?

We finally have a confirmed cast list for 2 days. It’s not much, but it’s good to know that Falling in love with Miguel Mawad and Gaby Espino.

After recovering from his injuries, Massimo decides to search for Laura at all costs and kidnap her, offering her days to fall in love with him.

a year to fall in love with him has a Tomatometer score of 0%, Here’s what we know about the sequels of “days” until.

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‘days’: Netflix’s unexpected erotic success walks between ‘The one he kidnaps and "concede" a year to fall in love with him.

days, the erotic Netflix movie that everyone is talking about ? | the fielding

So she kidnaps him, gives him days to fall in love and they start having sex, rape and rape, she falls in love because he buys her designer clothes.


Well so far everything perfect. The problem with this movie comes when there are scenes with some sadomasochism, grabs around the neck, sudden movements… etc. The movie itself is entertaining, although it has moments in which everything is very surreal and I recommend that if you are a person who takes movies very seriously, do not watch it. In any case, I invite you to see it so that you join the people and you can comment on it.

And in the end I will give my opinion as someone who is dedicated to the world of cinema and how I see it. Many people have been telling me that the film is too aggressive, it has a lot of sex for it to be on Netflix, since any child or adolescent under the age of 18, come on, could enter and watch it perfectly. And here is my response to these comments, which I have been told by many people with whom I have been able to speak.

To begin to get into the subject, I wanted to talk about some points that are seen in the film and then start talking about some scenes that are somewhat absurd. Angry about some issues of selling children, he goes to the stewardess, sits her down, pulls down her pants and grabs her neck with great force, thus forcing her to give him fellatio.

When she finishes, she is seen smiling at him and this is like this. But we have to understand that this is done this way, because Massimo is a mobster that everyone fears, that’s why those airs of greatness. After finishing, as I said, the stewardess looks happy with what just happened.

I have to say that in this scene the opposite was expected and I do agree with the criticism regarding this scene. On the contrary, if he were the one who did it to her, then she could understand what she is missing. We could say that it is jealousy, and that is why it kills him or we could say that being gangsters lead another way of life and that is why it kills him. She apologizes to Massimo for what happened, that in my opinion she does not have to apologize to anyone, since she twerks with whoever she wants, but well.

Honestly, these minutes of crazy sex without pause, I don’t understand very well how it happens and I don’t know if the fall has short-circuited something for Laura, so that she goes from passion to hate in 0 without words, really. It’s not for nothing, but my best friend tells me that a sex mobster has kidnapped me, and that I’m starting to fall in love with him, but that he has killed people and I run away with my friend tied to the back seat of my car.

Oh no, we have fallen in love, anyway. I have to say that a person I spoke with told me, the possibility that many people took this movie as a reference, and I’m sorry, but on this I totally disagree. Taking a movie that is not real as a reference is like someone who takes porn as a reference or, being less strong, Superman as a reference. Everything that happens in the film is fiction and I think that what happens to many people who watch this type of film, what they lack is knowing that it is just fiction.

We are in the 21st century, yes, and this film does not denigrate women at all, simply because it is a fictional film in which people are taking it as something that could be happening in the house next door. and it’s not that.

I would like that, if you have come this far, those who have come to give me their opinion of this review and we could all interact. Share this:.