80’S Fashion

Fashion In The 80s: Freedom Of Expression

The fashion of the 80s was characteristic and unforgettable. Today, iMujer shows you what was all the rage 30 years ago, with garments that were.

Fashion of the 80s – How women used to dress · Tips to achieve an eighties look for women · Clothes from the years Big shoulders; sequins; tops and dresses a.

The 80’s style took some lines from Nancy Reagan, Princess Diana and Madonna. The idea behind emerging trends was to bring the.

What are the names of the Powerpuff Girls?

Today we take a walk through the fashion of the years A unique style where the color in the clothes and makeup left us some very daring trends.


The 80s were years full of color and shapes Freedom of expression was reflected in clothes, hairstyles and makeup.

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MCM February 19, Fashion history of fashion , fashion , fashion in the 80’s Our journey through history reaches fashion in the 80’s, a decade full of color, exaggerated forms and all forms of freedom of expression embodied in clothes, hairstyles and make-up. The style of the 80s is nourished by personalities as disparate as Nancy Reagan, Princess Diana or Madonna.

Fashion is taken to extremes, with exaggerated shapes, impossible hairstyles and neon colors. Without forgetting, of course, the shoulder pads. There are three trends that we can highlight in the decade of the sports style clothing, the XXL style and the jacket suits with shoulder pads. The colors are bright, the clothes are big and the abuse of hairspray is common along with the bangs. The launch of MTV revolutionizes fashion with the birth of the video clip that shows the impossible looks of some pop stars.

Likewise, the Punk style influences men and the New Wave musical genre makes leather bracelets and studs a trend. Michael Jackson also plays an important role as a trendsetter. Many young people try to imitate his style with a hat, tight pants, white socks and red and black leather jackets.

On the other hand, break dancing also had a great influence on fashion. Other influences come from television programs, such as the series baptized in our country as "Sensation of living", among others. And Madonna is, without a doubt, the great icon of shoulder pads and blouses, wide belts, huge hoop earrings, neon colors and bouffant hair.