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Nine years of marriage.

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married ten years.

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The wallflower is a flower known for symbolizing fidelity in the face of adversity, making it a very special reason to commemorate a couple who have been sharing their lives for almost two decades.. The special gifts to commemorate this anniversary have to have some relationship with the wallflower to represent at all times that fidelity that both have maintained towards the other even in times when they have experienced difficulties. Quartz Weddings Quartz represents the solidity of a marriage, thanks to its great hardness.

As you can see, the color pink, the color of love, is the one that dominates on this special day. The nineteenth wedding anniversary is called honeysuckle wedding. At this point in the marriage it is feasible to think that the bonds of love that unite the couple are very strong, hence this anniversary is related to honeysuckle, a strong and resistant plant.

The honeysuckle is a climber and throughout its growth, its branches intertwine forming the knots that give it that strength and resistance, the same knots and intertwining that the couple has been forging throughout their marriage. Porcelain Weddings When you have been married to your boyfriend for 20 years, there are few material things that can surprise you both.

Organize something original for the celebration of this Anniversary. You can resort to poetry; there are many beautiful poems that you can make yours to give him those beautiful words. Or you can try to write something from your heart.

Do something unforgettable for both of you. It is a very special anniversary since it means having exceeded two decades of life as a couple, something that symbolizes the love between the two. For this reason, the oak symbolizes this anniversary since it has always been an emblem of strength, resistance and wisdom. However, the balance is positive so it is a reason to celebrate. The material that represents this anniversary is copper, one of the metals that was indispensable in the development of Humanity and that even gives its name to an era in History, the Copper Age, also known as Chalcolithic.

Copper represents beauty and durability, as well as prosperity, perfection and good luck, traits present in a married couple who have been sharing their lives for twenty-two years. It is a long road that they have traveled together thanks to their love and of course, it deserves a celebration that turns this special day into something unforgettable. Water is indestructible and vital, just like the couple at this point in their marriage.

It is a time that is approaching the quarter of a century, which is said soon, so there is no doubt that this anniversary has to be celebrated in a big way. At 25 years of marriage, when you celebrate your silver anniversary, you often organize a ceremony similar to the one that united you the first time.

If you are Catholic you can organize a mass. You can even think of a banquet, guests, new dresses, etc. First of all, that a date as important as this one does not go unnoticed in your lives. The Golden Anniversary. Today it cannot be said that there are many couples who go so far, so we have to celebrate weddings with roses and turn them into something special.

Its beauty, coupled with its fragility, have made this flower a highly coveted species that is always well received. Roses are associated with this anniversary because, at this point in the relationship, the couple has consolidated their love in a beautiful and stable way.

They should never stop taking care of it. Along with jet, the plant that identifies this wedding anniversary is mint, a symbol of virtue. For this reason, insects, bubbles, dust particles or any other residue that the resin has dragged before being fossilized can often be found inside.

The element chosen to represent this wedding anniversary is tin, a material that is firm but at the same time moldable. The time has come to celebrate it in the best possible way since this day has to become something unforgettable for both of you. Corals are characterized by living in community to spread and form large colonies in order to survive through coexistence.

For this reason, they are the ideal paradigm of a married couple that has formed their own family and that lives and thrives together through firmness, compassion and love. It is an event that shows that the couple was not confused the day they decided to travel the same path and, of course, it is something that must be celebrated in the best possible way. After spending so much time together, trust has settled and the relationship has grown stronger.

In fact, in the ancient cultures of India, the ruby ​​was considered to contain within itself the fire of passion, long life and love. Buddhists say that the sapphire transmits peace and happiness to those who wear it and in the Middle Ages, it was considered an auspicious amulet for love.

It is quite a feat to have come so far despite the difficulties that may have appeared along the way, so, without a doubt, we must make this day memorable. The emerald and its green color are identified with hope, good luck and well-being, three traits that, without a doubt, are related to a couple who have been sharing their path for 55 years.

The element that represents this anniversary is the diamond, an unbreakable precious stone that thus becomes the perfect symbol of a married couple that has managed to preserve and maintain their love for six decades. The diamond has always been the symbol of romanticism with excellence since it is the precious stone chosen by many couples to seal their love and commitment.

Golden Anniversary Without a doubt, being able to celebrate the golden anniversary is something really special. It is a very nice event for all who attend such a special renewal of vows. The Bone Wedding, the years!

The anniversary of the Bone Wedding is very special since there are hardly any people in the world who have come to celebrate it. Learn how your comment data is processed. Search in the Web.

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