Acapulco Shore Participants

Manelyk And Jawi, Out Of "AcaShore": These Are The Participants

In the trailer shared by the social networks of MTV and Paramount +, the 12 members of the new season are observed, who will be: Karime, Chile, Jacky, Beni, Jaylin, Fernanda, Isa and Alba, as well as the new members of the reality that will be: Nati and José, from Colombia, and from Mexico debut: Carlos.

The American channel MTV has not yet published who will be the new members of the new season of the Acapulco Shore program. › america › entertainment › /12/15 › acapulco-sh.

After 8 years on the air, the reality show Acapulco Shore, has had various changes of members, especially women, meet them at.

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It premiered on April 27, It includes new cast members Alba Zepeda, Beni Falcón, Charlotte Caniggia, Diego Garciasela, Eduardo.

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Likewise, it is reported that the first season has already been exported to countries such as Brazil, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain. It was followed by 7. Here are the names and photos of the cast, along with our predictions. And you know what they say about heartbreakers: they have a reputation for louts. But you can see that Fernando always has an ace up his sleeve … or under his pants, just look at his tattoo to get out of any dangerous situation with the leidis.

Sure he uses his charisma to get his way, but we don’t think it will help him to be given a chance to miss work. JOYCE 1. HAND 1. It shows that Mane does not break a plate: she looks honest, simple, cute and innocent. THADDEUS 1. Guys, if you have already had your eye on him, we anticipate that he may not want to settle down soon. The same and one of her companions achieves it. TALIA 1.

Total, girls just want to have fun. Now you know all the members of the new MTV reality show.

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