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Professional Complete Acrylic Nail Kit Manicure Kit Acrylic Nails Accessories and Decorations 12pcs Rhinestones Nail Files and Acrylic Nail.

Suitable for decorating acrylic nails, etc. Hollow Ocean Style Ancient Cross Alloy Jewelry Nail Accessories Set.

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ROLL 500 PINK MOLDS – Onne Studio Nails

In this type of brush there are different models, thicknesses and lengths, you must use it according to the design you want to make. For example, the 3mm, 5mm and 9mm etc; In the case of the 5mm ones, I recommend using them in small and laborious decorations, on the other hand, if you want to create long lines and outline your designs, the long bristles of the 9mm brush are what you need, you cannot do without this tool.

On the other hand, fine brushes are ideal for beginners and to exploit your creativity and create your own personalized designs; these are very fine brushes perfect for making lines and details. Fan Brush or Fan Brush This is a brush with long bristles open at the tip and it has many functions. One of the many ways to use it is to create airbrush effects; stripes; faded color blends, it is ideal for creating transparency effects as well.

Can be used by brushing off excess powder, other uses. This one, in particular, is one of the best, if not the best, since the texture and transparency allow you to see through it while you place the design, in this way you get a perfect finish.

Angled Brush Design Tool This type of brush has short, flat bristles. Its angled head is amazing for creating detailed and intricate designs. Perfect for creating slanted shapes and angular shapes. Among these essential tools that cannot be missing to achieve excellent nail art.

Suit for beginners or professional nail technician, DIY nail lover. Products for Nail Decoration There are many products that you can find today to perform nail art, here I recommend some of my favorites. why is it one of my favorites? Apply one coat as a matte top coat over color gel before applying your desired pigment, then dip a thin blending brush or brush into an alcohol and acetone mixture as an eraser and to disperse layers of colors to create a variety of colors. different patterns.

Acrylic Powders Products for 3D Designs Just like glitter powders, these colored acrylics cannot be missing from your nail decoration kit. It also has the advantage that your design stays firm and you can correct it without running, until you have cured it in the lamp. You can make any type of design with them or give the final finish to your decoration.

Crystal Katana for Swarovski If I mention the Swarovski crystal I can’t stop mentioning the Katana. This tool is the best, it is made up of a waxed tip that allows you to grab the crystal and put it on the nail if it falls off and at the other end it has a fine tip that allows you to perfectly accommodate the diamond in the way you want it. your design.

3D Nail Stickers These stickers look beautiful on the nails, because they are enhanced on the nails by their 3d effect, if you are not an expert in freehand designs these will help you a lot. Rubber bands for 3D design The rubber strips with figures are very fun, you can find them in various designs. They can be sterilized in any device since they are made of stainless steel. You must be careful to keep the plate that works as a spring down whenever you are not using it to prevent it from breaking.

Cuticle nipper Another tool that you cannot afford not to have in your manicure and pedicure kit. To make sure you keep them properly, you should always keep them dry, very clean and lubricate them with oil. In the same way that in other types of tools, we can use sterilization methods. Its softness allows to obtain a filing that does not damage the layers of the natural nail.

Sold in packs of 5 or units. Tool to Cut False Nails This false nail cutter tool is important that you do not miss, since you will need it to cut the nail tips after you find them glued on the natural nail.

His cut is concise and perfect, after that you are ready for filing. Acrylic Powder for Sculpture This mia secret product is used to form the acrylic nail, it is a polymer powder that, accompanied by the liquid monomer that I show you below, creates a mixture that forms the nail. You can buy them in packages of 5 or 50 units.

As a curious fact, in case you did not know, I will tell you that the Kolinsky Marta is an animal that lives in the North of Siberia, in the Kola Peninsula and Mongolia, and the hairs of its tail are used for these brushes. I remind you that to do gel nails you cannot use acrylic brushes, because in each case you need a different brush. Polisher to give shine This tool has two sides, one is used to polish and the other to give shine to the natural nail and a perfect finish to the acrylic nail.

Lathe or Dril This tool is very important in the art of sculpting acrylic nails, as it is used to remove excess acrylic and give a perfect finish to your sculpted set.