Acrylic Nail Accidents

What Are The Dangers Of Wearing Acrylic Nails?

Many women get acrylic nails to show off more beautiful hands. However, this practice can also have some risks.

Prepare to suffer with the shocking photo that the singer shared. Although acrylic nails are an art and make your hands.

The strongest sign

Fortunately for those who have thought about using acrylic nails Britney Tokyo, nail artist of celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Rita Ora.

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Yesterday for reasons of hurry, I had a blow to one of my nails, the fact is that my acrylic nail fell off with everything and half of the natural one.

What are the dangers of using acrylic nails? – better with health

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Beware of artificial nails

For this reason, it is essential to be well informed before deciding on them. However, they can also cause many problems or illnesses that are best avoided. Read it before deciding if you want to wear them or not. Acrylic nails fix imperfections and allow you to have an ideal appearance. The same happens for a wedding, a party or a special event in our lives.

Let’s start with what happens when we go to the beauty salon or beauty salon to get our acrylic nails done. There are even cases of women who have completely lost their natural nails and destroyed the matrix. In turn, some non-professional salons use a substance called methyl methacrylate to glue the nails. Cleaning Sometimes, aesthetic centers do not sterilize or clean the instruments and materials used once they finish applying the nails.

A wise advice is to bring your own nail file, since this element cannot be sterilized. This study from Universidad Del Valle Colombia emphasizes the need for hygienic measures to prevent and control any virus or bacteria in places related to health care. Do not forget that they are a natural barrier to prevent the passage of infections and harmful microorganisms. Without a doubt, it is something very painful and it takes a long time to grow back.

Infections The risk of infection is much higher than with natural nails. If there is any space between these and the acrylic, bacteria and all kinds of microorganisms that cause diseases could accumulate. In this study carried out by the Max Peralta Hospital in Costa Rica, the same is stated, but in relation to the nails of the toilets.

When this happens, it is necessary to remove the product and replace a new one as soon as possible. As a consequence, we can suffer from red, swollen and very itchy fingers. It may interest you: Tricks for not biting your nails In conclusion, wearing acrylic nails is a decision that should not be taken lightly. If in spite of everything you want to use them, try to do them in specialized centers with a qualified professional and a well-ventilated environment.

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You will be surprised, the serious consequences of acrylic nails. By Nuria Piera