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Loki: All The Variants That Have Appeared In The Series So Far, Explained

New questions are likely to arise", advanced the actor. At the moment it is not known in which upcoming Marvel projects the character will appear.

Although we want to see more of Kid Loki in the MCU, Jack Veal, the actor who plays him, has revealed that he has not heard anything about his character’s future.

In a recent interview, actor Jack Veal talks about whether we will see his character again from the television series Loki, where he brought to life.

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Tom Hiddleston returns to embody Loki in the Disney+ series, which will premiere on June 11 exclusively for the.

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You want to know who is the girlfriend of Tom Hiddleston, the actor of Loki in the Marvel movies? Here we tell you about it and we also talk about its.

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