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BEFORE AND AFTER: This Is What The Cast Of “Beverly Hills, 90210” Looks Like 30 Years After Its Premiere

The Walsh family moves from Minnesota to the elite Californian neighborhood of Beverly Hills. The children, twins Brandon and Brenda, are integrated into the local high school, where they will befriend the promiscuous Kelly, the happy-go-lucky Steve.

This October, fiction celebrates 30 years of its first episode on the air and its cast looks very different. · Brenda Walsh-Shannen Doherty (49 years old).

The actors of "Beverly Hills ″ 27 years later · Brenda Walsh – Shannen Doherty (46 years old) · Jason Priestley – Brandon Walsh (48 years old) · Ian Ziering – Steve.

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This series, one of the most loved and remembered by those who grew up in the 90s, was by Jenny Garth, Jason.

Beverly Hills, Main Cast Ages In Season 1 Versus Now

The curse that haunts the actors of Beverly Hills February 6, LA NACION. The Faces of Beverly Hills, the successful series of.

Jason Priestley played Brandon Walsh in "Beverly Hills 90210"

One of the main reasons was the decision to cast people who were actually much older than the characters they played. However, some of them, at the time the first season aired on , were already in their 20s and 30s. Fortunately, they managed to pull off the roles convincingly for a full decade.

Nonetheless, his character’s transformation on the show coincides with Garth’s actual transition to adulthood. She also reprized her role in the revival series. BH with almost all of the original cast. Today, Garth is 48 years old. the masked singer. Now 47 years old, he was born in His character was supposed to be a year older than David, who ended up becoming her boyfriend and then her husband.

Spelling, who played the ditzy and naive Donna Martin, is the daughter of Aaron Spelling, the late creator of the series. She has become an author and has had her own reality series. Her impeccable looks and piercing blue eyes didn’t affect her chances of popularity either.

Priestley was already 20 years old when the first season aired: in fact, he would have been about 21 years old. Today, at 51, Priestley is still acting. The Canadian actor was born in Riverdale, playing the father of Archie Andrews’ main character, Fred. The series paid tribute to him after his death. Born in , Perry was already 24 years old in the first season, but he managed to pull out Dylan, a high school bad boy, who also had some good traits.

And ended up getting some pretty compelling stories. Before that, she was Executive Vice President. Today he is 59 years old, born in and celebrating his Tata Nat Bussichio One of the few original cast members who was not a student or parent of a student, Tata was the kind and lovable owner of The Peach Pit restaurant that the gang frequented and where he worked. Brandon and sometimes others.

Born in , he was 54 when the show started, which is about the age his character probably was as well. Today, at the age of 84, Tata reprized his role as Nat in some episodes of the spin-off in Mysterious Girls, where he played a school principal.

Emerson only appeared in the first two seasons of the series, as David’s best friend, who suffered greatly when David started hanging out with the "popular kids.".

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