Adamari And Luis Fonsi

Adamari López Confessed How She Overcame Luis Fonsi’s Infidelity After Suffering From Breast Cancer

Luis Fonsi and his ex-wife Adamari López surprised the networks after a duet they made of the song was released.

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Today we are going to tell you about the romance between Adamari López and Luis Fonsi. This love story did not have a happy ending, although now .

Adamari López faces her separation from Toni Costa and remembers Luis Fonsi, her also ex-husband.

We talk about his famous marriage and controversial divorce with the singer Luis Fonsi. "As you well know, God’s timing is perfect. If Adamari gave.

Adamari López cries for Luis Fonsi — El Nacional

More than ten years have passed since Adamari López and Luis Fonsi ended their marriage. A divorce that was a severe blow to the.

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