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These Are The Sizes That Adamari López Has Lost Since Deciding To Go On A Diet

Adamari López has that with discipline and perseverance you can have the ideal figure from the hand of the WW program of which.

Stronger Signs

Águeda López, 38, who has conquered social networks with actress Adamari López for four years and who, in turn,.

Latest news from Adamari López. Stay informed with the latest Before the end of , Toni Costa was the target of criticism and accusations.

The presenter captured all eyes with her white mini dress, whose neckline revealed part of her attributes after suffering from breast cancer. Adamari.

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Since the beloved Puerto Rican television presenter and actress, Adamari López, decided to improve her life, she has obtained great.

After his separation from Toni Costa, he focused more than ever on leading a healthier life.

Publication date: September 08, hsAdamari López is an actress, host and ex-wife of Luis Fonsi. Adamari López suffered a lot from the comments about her overweight. Publication date: September 08, hs Adamari López is an actress, host and ex-wife of Luis Fonsi. After years of enduring criticism and discrimination, he began a relegation plan and the results left his fans speechless.

Also read: The first challenge was faced at the beginning of the year with her then-husband, Toni Costa. He did a four-week workout and lost several kilos. Adamari with his family before his transformation. Shortly after, despite the pain of her separation from her daughter’s father, she was not discouraged and continued doing gymnastics in the company of a personal trainer.

I feel super happy because I have had a wonderful coach, Gigi, who helps me stay focused. We have to work on it and we are doing it, we have not stopped. Adamari left her fans speechless with her before and after. The new image of Adamari López made his followers relate him to the breakup of Toni Costa, from whom he distanced himself in May. I know that it is difficult news to communicate and assimilate but, as I have always done and with the honesty that characterizes it, I prefer that you hear it from me.

As you know, I have been focused on living a healthy lifestyle for some time and it has been precisely this stage of reflection that has led me to take this step in my life. After almost 10 years of union and having the joy of procreating our beloved Alaïa together, I have decided to reevaluate our relationship and give us some time to see if we can rescue her. Continue Reading.

The before and after of Adamari López after her diet The change is spectacular!