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What happened to Adela Noriega? The actress disappeared from soap operas in a mysterious way

For a long time, Adela Noriega was one of the favorite actresses of the Mexican public, until she decided to put her career on hold.

Various theories circulate on social networks about his whereabouts and what he is currently doing. His last telenovela was ‘Fire in the blood’.

According to a website, the actress made a fortune working on Mexican melodramas. At the moment he has no plans to return to.

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Since the year almost nothing is known about Adela Noriega, she decided to say goodbye completely to the stage and disappeared from public life.

The best kept secrets of actress Adela Noriega – 23Viral

The last soap opera that Adela Noriega was Fuego in public life and very little is known about her today.

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However today we will know some of the best kept secrets by the 50-year-old actress as. Beginnings in her acting career The beginnings of Adela’s acting career date back to an early age, where she was coincidentally found by a renowned talent scout of the time who encouraged her to start her acting career on television.

From there he began to forge a reputation in the industry participating in small advertising spots, as well as participating in several novels such as Principessa and Juana Iris with secondary roles. Adela Noriega when she was 18 years old. In a recent interview, the actress born in Mexico City commented that from the beginning there were quite a few detractors within her family who motivated her to give up her profession on television.

However, despite all this wave of little support from a large part of his family, he had the support of his mother who would die of a painful illness in the year. He shared a set with recognized actresses such as the renowned singer Thalia. His first love affairs There has been speculation on several occasions about Adela’s possible relationships with various actors of the time. Carlos Salinas de Gortari fell in love with the beauty of the famous actress and during their relationship that lasted more than 4 years, he filled her with gifts, apartments, cars and jewelry.

Adela Noriega with her mother After that bitter news, she decided to return to Mexico City and pause her career. Despite the treatments, the disease, the mother of the actress already presented a significant advance and died 2 months after her diagnosis.

This was a hard blow for Noriega, who would continue to receive bad news during that year. Being a mother for the first time After the death of her mother Adela Noriega became pregnant, her first child would bear the name of Luis Alejandro Noriega Méndez, it is presumed that said son would belong to the businessman Carlos Salinas de Gortari, with whom he would have resumed the romance he had years before.

The Arrival of a new love In Adela He returns to Mexico City again and manages to sign a millionaire contract with televisa to work for 6 years. From that labor relationship a romance arose between the two actors. In an interview with Televen, the actor acknowledged that he fell madly in love with Adela due to her beautiful body, her pretty face, but what caught his attention the most was her overwhelming but innocent personality, the actor came to ask the beautiful actress for marriage.

At the end of the recordings of the novel it would be the end of the relationship. Anorexia problems? Although it is true that all her life the actress had a slim build, during the recordings of the soap opera The Privilege of Loving, Recorded in the year of she was seen with extreme thinness that led to the concern of setmates like Helena Rojo.

Years later it was made public that Adela suffered during those years a very strong emotional crisis marked by a deep depression. Once she finished recording that novel, the famous actress retired from the cameras, appearing in soap operas every 2 years. It was so that after his last break in the year as a result of the bad behaviors that affected the actor.

However, this did not end completely well since the continuous discussions between the two due to jealousy and other issues ended up causing the breakup just before finishing the recordings of the Novel; Fire in the Blood in the year Temporary disappearance Since the novel Fire in the Blood, the actress was not seen again on television. Health Problems For many fans of the talented actress, her retirement from the screens is quite disappointing, since for many followers she played masterful roles, putting all her love into each performance she performed.

That has not prevented some followers who have come across her at some events from taking one or another photo. The image above is one of the last photographs taken by a fan. The photo went viral among the followers of the actress. However, many doubts have arisen about what Noriega’s life is today, we explain that on the next page, next day so you know the hidden details of his current life.

Adela Noriega in the Present Many theories have gained strength about the current life of the famous actress. Adela Noriega today It is not known about her love life but she has been seen on several occasions with who seems to be an artist of Colombian origin. Many people await the return to television of the renowned actress.

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