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I remember the arguments but I don’t remember the titles. The first one is from or It’s a parody of «Los Blancos no saber put it», something like that was the title. It was about a white woman who wouldn’t let her husband do anal sex. Her black friend teaches the white girl’s husband how to do anal well, while the black girl’s husband has anal sex with the white girl.

This is from the mid to late 90’s. It’s about a couple or married couple who want to separate but don’t know how to tell each other. They embark on different sexual adventures so that the other member of the couple catches them, but it doesn’t work out. This is from the early 1990s. I saw it on Azul TV. It is about a woman who is caught by two guys cheating on her husband and they take pictures of her to blackmail her.

The woman goes to a psychologist or sexologist, who had previously had a scene in which she advised a man who had the fantasy of having a threesome with his wife and another girl, but the wife did not want to. The doctor hatches a plan to get the photos and, together with a friend, pretend to be cleaning girls and distract the boys by having sex with them while they steal the photos.

When they see the photos, it turns out that the boy the blackmailed woman had slept with was the ex-boyfriend of the doctor’s secretary. This is also from the early I also saw it on Azul TV. It’s about a girl who is sent by her boss to an island, Cuba or Puerto Rico, I don’t remember, because they want to buy her or do business on the island or something like that.

I hope that the data I remember is sufficient and someone can help me. Thank you very much in advance.