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Aidan Gallagher (Los Angeles, September 18, ) is an American actor and singer. He first appeared as a guest on the FOX series.

Few of Netflix’s original series have had such an impact on Aidan Gallagher, the series is not his first performance as an actor.

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Aidan Gallagher was part of the cast of the following series; · The Umbrella Academy · Action & Adventure, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Drama;

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Esquire July 31, With The Umbrella Academy season 2 premiering, we talk to Aidan Gallagher about what to expect. We talked with the actor so he could tell us a little about what awaits us in this second installment. AG: I would say it was very different. AG: I think it evolved quite a bit. We both love coffee and we’re both trying to save the world, but other than that not much.

AG: I don’t think you can expect success, but you can choose how to define it. And as a fan, I would feel like I achieved success if I can do the comic justice because I started out as a fan of The Umbrella Academy comics. It’s infinitely satisfying to be able to inhabit that character and be in the world that he lives in. It’s so much fun filming Umbrella Academy. So I was really excited to play it. There have been some scripts circulating but the problem is that with the bar being as high as it was set by The Umbrella Academy, I’ve become very selective about what projects I want to take on, because this one was so good.

AG: It was accidental. After making Umbrella Academy it was very cool because it felt a lot like a movie, the production quality is that good, compared to the project on Nickelodeon that did feel like television. I’m always looking forward to directing. In a small way I get to be a director on everything I upload to YouTube, it’s always so much fun being on set and seeing how it all works out.

AG: I’m lucky to know a little bit about a lot of things musically. I did everything on my laptop, I even got involved in art. AG: I don’t think I can choose between the two. They feel very different and each is rewarding in its own way. AG: My work with them focuses on representing a youth perspective on environmental issues and presenting environmental issues to a young audience.

I have recently become involved in promoting action for this decade from to , it is a very important era to take action if we want to prevent irreparable damage to our world. AG: I started very young. I liked to surf and grew up near the beach with a love for nature. Then I started on the Nickelodeon show and discovered that I had an audience to share these messages with. I always felt I had a responsibility to educate people my age about the environmental issues we face.