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Ainara Suárez Fixed Her Position Before YosStop’s Freedom: "If She’s Drunk It’s Rape"

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The ‘youtuber’ Yoseline Hoffman, known as ‘YosStop’ in one of her europareportage SOCIAL. Ainara Suarez’s nightmare.

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The young woman sought to give a message of respect for women and their integrity Photo: Screenshot. This Wednesday afternoon, Ainara Suárez.

Ainara "N", the young woman who filed a complaint against the youtuber YosStop for possessing and disseminating images of the sexual assault that.

They verify that YosStop did spread intimate images of Ainara | Mexico News | THE IMPARTIAL

I wanted proof: Ainara breaks the silence after denouncing YosStop who the This photo became my new wallpaper.

The influencer assured that they want to involve her in a crime that she did not commit

A young man identified as Axel N was arrested by the capital authorities after being accused of the Ainara case. The Attorney General’s Office said in a statement that the arrest of the 19-year-old was made.

The boy was on a plane that would travel to the city of Miami, Florida, when the authorities arrived to ask him to get off the plane in order to secure him. The place where the arrest took place was at the International Airport of Mexico City. The first reports indicated that the accused had in mind to escape to the United States to evade the authorities.

The reason for the arrest was for the crime of equated rape, as well as alleged human trafficking. Ainara indicated that the act of abuse occurred in May when she was only 16 years old. Later, the event was taken up by YosStop in one of his recordings where he described what happened. When talking about the fact, the content creator was arrested and transferred to the Santa Martha Acatitla prison.

A photo of Axel N is spread on networks A photo of Axel N was spread on social networks with the purpose of highlighting the boy’s identity. He stressed that the alleged aggressor was always aware that there was a lawsuit against him. The journalist stressed that Axel N would not go to a prison for adults, stating that he would be tried as a minor. Jiménez argued that the FGJ would initiate the boy’s legal process taking into account that when the apparent abuse occurred he was 18 years old.

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