Alejandro Fernandez Girlfriend

After Years Separated, Alejandro Fernández Gives Himself A New Opportunity With Karla Laveaga

Alejandro Fernández took his guests to different tourist spots on the Jalisco coast, in addition to sharing with them delicious.

Alejandro Fernández was not at his best when the reporter was recorded with his girlfriend Karla Laveaga.

At just 20 years of age, the famous singer Alejandro Fernández married América Guinart for the first time. With her he had three of his children.

Mexican singer Alejandro Fernández apparently resumed his relationship with Karla Laveaga. This week some of the.

The love life of Alejandro Fernández in just 40 images

Alejandro Fernández returns with his ex-girlfriend. On his summer vacations he has seen the Spanish model, is it a coincidence or is it that where.

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Origin of Alejandro Fernandez

Next, we tell you all about the women who have been part of the life of this singer. From a very young age he was involved in the development of his musical talents due to the influence of his father. An inherited talent The singer-songwriter is also known as El Potrillo, a nickname given to him by the press due to the ranch his father owned, which is known as Los tres foals, because of his three children.

At that time, at the tender age of five, the Mexican singer presented the song Alejandra in front of ten thousand people. His great first love From a very young age, the Mexican singer set his sights on América Guinart. The young girl stole Alejandro’s heart at a very young age and held him for 5 years of marriage.

His great first love The couple was madly in love, which is why, after a short courtship, they decided to make the final leap to the altar. Fortunately, they received the support of all their family and friends at the time of making this great decision.

The mother of her children The surprises for the new family were not long in coming. América Guinart became the mother of the three eldest children of the Mexican singer. Over the course of five years, the couple’s love brought forth little Alejandro, América and Camila.

The son of the foal surprised the media with a risky mix of traditional and modern mariachi. They tried until the end Unfortunately, the foal’s family did not last long. After five years of marriage, three children and all the love in the world, América Guinart and Alejandro Fernandez decided to divide their paths.

They tried until the end The couple had been trying for a long time to make their relationship work for the children’s sake, however, they realized that the best thing they could do for them was to take them away from their father’s busy schedule. A resounding divorce The news of their divorce surprised all the media and especially the fans of the couple.

A resounding divorce However, no one expected that this was the cause of their divorce. Later the couple commented in interviews that their relationship did not prosper due to the lack of maturity on the part of both. Both understood that for the children’s sake, it was best for América Guinart to take charge while Alejandro fulfilled his work commitments.

They have also been seen all together on outings as a big family. Finding a new love The Mexican singer began to be known for not mourning his failed relationships for a long time. And América Guinart was no exception to this rule. The surprises were not long in coming. As always, the foal wasted no time and brought two new babies into the world together with his new wife. Their relationship officially began before the media, in the year and ended in , during this time Emiliano and Valentina were born as a result of their love.

The surprises were not long in coming The Mexican singer was very happy to have two new creatures at home. There are no words that are worth once the photographs come to light. The Mexican singer could not deny the accusations of infidelity after the photo that proved it was published in the press. However, these suspicions were never confirmed by the media.

Parting ways After several infidelities, Ximena Díaz decided that she had already lived enough years of marriage with the Mexican. In the year the couple decided to separate their paths and end their romantic relationship.

However, the relationship got as far as it had to go, so it was better not to force things and each one to focus on their personal projects. A teenage love The love between Ayari Anaya and the colt was the same as that of any teenage couple of newly in love. However, that did not prevent him from loving the model Ayari Anaya with all his heart.

The relationship advances at full speed The young girl of only 23 years was remarkably in love with the Mexican singer. It seems that the Mexican singer had a romantic relationship with the renowned actress Eva Longoria. For her part, Eva Longoria was also in her own romantic relationship with Tony Parker. It is believed that in the year the colt cheated on his partner at the time with Karla Laveaga.

Things did not go well Unfortunately for the singer, his relationship with his lover did not last as long as he expected. On the other hand, his courtship with Anaya was already fractured by repeated infidelities. Things did not go well This caused the singer to be completely alone after eight years of relationship with his official girlfriend Ayari Anaya.

Neither the singer nor his lover Karla Laveaga gave any statements about their relationship or their breakup. The attempt to return to Ayari Anaya However, his ex-girlfriend did not fall back into the clutches of the colt and commented that their relationship got as far as it had to go. In the year the colt officially began his love journey with Karla Laveaga, which would last several years and would represent several ruptures and reconciliations. This made it seem like their relationship never had a future.

However, this courtship could not be confirmed at the time, since none agreed to give statements. A new courtship flourishes When Karla was asked about her relationship with the colt and the age difference between the couple, she replied that the relationship with Alejandro is incredible and they are like any other relationship.

After a few incredible months of dating and showing their love through social networks, the couple was no longer seen together. Reason why the couple was thought to have broken up. Together for Christmas Despite the fact that it could never be confirmed if the couple had broken up again, or if they simply had very busy schedules for that moment, Karla Lavega surprised her followers by posting a photo of her and the foal together for Christmas.

This couple doesn’t work together Sadly the couple’s joy didn’t last long and they parted ways again. This couple does not work together The Mexican began to gain fame for frequently going to parties until late at night where he used to drink to an unhealthy point neither for him nor for the people around him.

She declared that the singer had many problems and that was something that she could not tolerate. Which is why she’s relieved to get her free time back to focus on herself again. Where fire was, ashes remain It is inevitable to keep this couple apart. After many discussions and statements by Karla Lavega, the couple began to be seen frequenting the same places and the same parties together.

Their previous courtship had already suffered the consequences of those actions and Karla did not want to make the same mistake. The Mexican singer continued to go to parties and lead an unhealthy lifestyle. Some time later, the singer himself admitted that the excesses and lack of control caused their relationship to end in a way that was not pleasant for both parties. A romance in New York At first, the identity of the girl could not be verified, since they made sure to keep her face covered.

However, the couple could be observed having extremely affectionate attitudes that indicated that they were already maintaining a sentimental relationship. Age does matter The identity of the mysterious girl was quickly discovered and it turned out to be the sensual model Ana Paula del Valle. Who was not only surprised by her beauty, but also by the incredible age difference between her and the foal.

Despite the comments, the couple decided to move on with their relationship. The video clip that started it all It turns out that the couple met during the recording of a video clip of the foal. They cannot hide the truth However, when asking those involved about it, none wanted to give statements about their relationship. The response was shocking. The singer said that he would not give her his bag, but that he would be willing to give her a kiss.