Alejandro Speitzer And Ester Exposito

Ester Expósito Defends Alejandro Speitzer After Separation Rumors

Lima, 06/10/ p.m. Rumors of the breakup came in June of this when both actors attended an event separately.

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Actress Ester Expósito and Mexican actor Alejandro Speitzer have ended their relationship after days of rumors and.

Carlos Speitzer talks about the controversy surrounding the breakup of his brother Alejandro with Ester Expósito. He has spoken about the romance of the.

A few months after their breakup, the actors Alejandro Speitzer and Ester Expósito were surprised to appear together again in a publication that.

Ester Expósito defends Alejandro Speitzer after separation rumors

Neither Alejandro Speitzer nor Ester Expósito have spoken openly about their relationship (Photo: @alejandrospeitzer).

The actor assured that Alex is happy and "in love"