Alex Rodriguez Y Jlo

Alex Rodríguez Surprises With His Physical Condition After Breaking Up With JLo

In photographs he is seen riding a jet ski with Melanie Collins, a reporter for ‘CNN Sports’. PHOTO: @melanie_collins and @arod. means of.

Uses Vick Vaporub

While Jennifer Lopez is celebrating her bachelorhood with her ex-fiancé Ben Affleck, Alex Rodriguez doesn’t know what to do.

Bathroom flip-flops

Jennifer Lopez 51 and Alex Rodriguez 45 have announced they are staying together. After reports circulated Friday that the couple had ended.

After several months, the singer stated that she no longer felt good about herself and other reasons that led her to that decision.

Alex Rodríguez spoke about his breakup with JLo – Estrella TV

Jennifer Lopez known as in the world of music, acquired with her ex-fiancé Álex Rodríguez this.

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