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Alexandra Daddario Knows Who. Alexandra Daddario: Personal Life, Husband, Children, Family

Alexandra Anna Daddario is an American actress and youtuber, known for playing Annabeth Chase in Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. He also appeared in its sequel, Percy Jackson and the Sea of ​​Monsters.

Texas Chainsaw 3D The Choice 9. Hall Pass · 8. Burying the ex · 7. San Andreas · 6. Percy Jackson Series .

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Television[edit] ; , The Last Man on Earth, Victoria ; · American Horror Story: Hotel · Natacha Rambova ; , Why do women kill, Jade/Irene.

Texas Chainsaw 3D The Choice 9. Hall Pass · 8. Burying the ex · 7. San Andreas · 6. Percy Jackson Series .

Alexandra Daddario knows who. Alexandra Daddario: personal life, husband, children, family

Actor ; , TheLayover, Kate ; , The Decision, Monica ; , American Horror Story – Season 5. Episodes 7 – 9 – Natacha Rambova; , The last.

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Personal relationship

Alexandra Daddario: personal life, husband, children, family Alexandra Daddario knows who. Alexandra Daddario: personal life, husband, children, family The owner of Alexander’s beautiful blue eyes Anna Daddario, whose biography began in New York, was born in Manhattan on March 16. Her father, Richard, worked as a prosecutor, and her mother , Christina, was a lawyer. Younger brother Matthew, like his sister, plays in the movies.

Alexandra decided to become an actress already in childhood. He began taking acting classes at the age of 11 and at 16 he received the first role. He then studied at the Professional Children’s School, after which he entered the private Marymount Manhattan University. Professional success In La Niña embodied the image of Lori Lewis in 43 episodes of the telenovela "All my kids".

After this role, she was often invited to appear on television and in movies. She was remembered by some for her vivid episodes of various American television series, including "soprano clan", "Judgment", "Law", "White collar", "life on mars".

In , Daddario played a supporting role in the comedic drama Squid and the Whale. In the same year, a drama with his participation, The San Andreas Rift, was released. In , viewers saw Alexandra in the musical film "Jonas Brothers Concert". She was given the role of Annabeth Chase, which she also performed in in the film’s sequel "Percy Jackson and the Sea of ​​Monsters".

In , when the filmography of the actress included 31 roles, Zac Efron and Alexandra Daddario began shooting the new version of the popular series of the 90s "Rescue Malibu". The height and weight of the three stars were perfect for this film. Alexandra’s total fortune is in the millions. Produces vodka under its own Pure Wonderdaddario brand, perfumes and youth clothing.

Personal relationship Alexandra Anna Daddario, whose personal life, judging by her appearance, must be stormy, before the age of 18 she has not met anyone, and she does not like to talk about her relationships with men. For three years, the star met with Jason Fuchs, an American actor and screenwriter. However, the information was not confirmed. Actress and model Alexandra Anna Daddario conquered Hollywood with her unusually striking appearance, hard work and acting talent.

She became famous for participating in the long-running comedy "Rescuers of Malibu" and fantasy "Percy Jackson". Alexandra has a younger brother, Matthew, also an actor, known for the series "twilight hunters", and his sister Katarina. First, Alexandra attended the Birlie School in Manhattan. At the age of 11, deciding to become an actress, she transferred to the drama class of the New York Professional School for Boys. His next job was an episode of the series "legal" "Law".

In the Hollywood sense of the word, Alexandra became a real star after the role of Athena’s daughter in the science fiction film "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief". Now her unusual gray eyes were seen from blockbuster posters, and Alexandra’s smile could be seen regularly at social events.

In , another part of the saga about the sons of the gods appeared on the screen: "Percy Jackson and the Sea of ​​Monsters". In , Alexander could be seen in the promotion of the Swiss watch "moved", just like in the disaster movie "Breach in San Andreas". On The Jimmy Kimmel Show, the actress admitted that she performed all the stunts in the movie by herself, without the help of stand-ins.

Alexandra Daddario in the video Imagine Dragons The personal life of Alexander Daddario The first time the actress entered a relationship after her eighteenth birthday. The novel lasted three years and ended in a very difficult parting.

After that, Alexandra Daddario simply chose to permanently remove her boyfriend from her life. From to , the actors met, but then announced a break. Subsequently, she was suspiciously often seen in the company of handsome basketball player Ben Verlander. Alexandra was born on March 16 in New York in a family of lawyers.

Mother Christina worked as a lawyer, and father Richard served as a prosecutor and also headed the anti-terrorist police department. Alexandra attended the Brerlie private general education school for girls, but at age 16 she moved to the New York Professional Children’s School, where there was a specialized class with a theatrical bias. Then the girl studied acting at Marymount Manhattan College.

Then in the career there was a long break associated with education. This role did not bring the actress much popularity, but it was there that the leaders of a new fantasy film project noticed the girl and invited Alexandra to play the daughter of the goddess Athena Annabeth Chase in the youth adventure film "Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief". For his work, Alexander Daddario was nominated for the "Teen Choice Awards", which went to another actress, but Alex became world famous.

After 3 years, Alexandra took part in the continuation of the film "Percy Jackson and the Sea of ​​Monsters", which confirmed the popularity of the actress. Daddario herself speaks of this role as quite important. The girl is glad that she was able to participate in a project that inspires teenagers.

Alexandra did not watch previous episodes, since she does not like movies of this genre, they scare her. But, accepting the role, Alexandra had to get acquainted with them, and the actress found these films exciting. In , the neo-black psychological thriller True Detective became popular, in which Daddario played Lisa Tranetti, the main character’s lover. The film became an important stage in the creative biography of the actress, opening new prospects for the girl.

In , Alexandra Daddario’s filmography is replenished with work on the disaster film "San Andreas Fault", where the actress got the role of Blake, the daughter of the main characters Ray and Emma ,. During an earthquake, the family comes together to survive. The undoubted advantage of the actress is considered breasts 4 sizes, given to the girl by nature. The actress is not shy about appearing nude in the painting, if the script requires it.

Frank’s scenes with Alexandra appeared in the horror films "Attic", "Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D", where the bust of heroine Heather Miller periodically appeared under her shirt during the scene with the girl hanging.

In the detective television series True Detective, the actress also played nude in one scene. The actress’s profile is also found on the Playboy website. Personal life Alexandra Daddario has quite strict parents who forbade their daughter to go out with children until she was 18 years old.

The girl’s first boyfriend was actor and screenwriter Jason Fuchs. The relationship lasted 3 years, but the gap was so severe that Alexandra prefers not to remember Jason, and only once did she allow herself to mention the young man in an interview. There is a lot of talk about Daddario’s relationship with the companion of the saga "Percy Jackson". Young people are often seen together. Now the actress is credited with an affair with a partner in the film "Rescuers of Malibu", with whom Alexandra appeared in his arms at the presentation of the film in Sydney.

The young people evasively answered the journalists’ questions about the evasion and smiled mysteriously. Alexandra Daddario now The actress was also invited to work on a new adaptation of the novel "Choice", who appeared on the screens in Alexandra got the role of the girl Monica. On her own phone, the girl only takes out kittens and dogs.

In , filming ended on the comedies Parking and the comedy series Workaholics. At the same time, another film was released with the participation of Alexandra – "House". In all projects, the actress plays the main roles.

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