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After his stay in a camp, Percy, an apparently normal boy, finds out that he is the son of Poseidon, the God of the seas, and that his two friends are a demigod and the other a satyr.

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Alexandra Daddario (‘Percy Jackson’) tells how she experienced that they tried to replicate the success of ‘Harry Potter’. Bertha F. of the Castle Thursday

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Alexandra Anna Daddario (born March 16, ) is an American actress notable for her portrayal of Annabeth Chase in Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Percy Jackson. Her most important work to date, and for which she has become known worldwide, was when she was chosen for.

Alexandra Daddario knows nothing about ‘Percy Jackson’ the series

Alexandra Anna Daddario (New York, March 16) is an actress and YouTuber. She also appeared in its sequel, Percy Jackson and the Sea of ​​Monsters.

‘Percy Jackson’ would arrive until 2023 Disney+

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