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This will come loaded with surprises for K-pop fans as there are new groups and talents that will debut this new year.

Today in this article we will list the top most famous Kpop boy groups and include both groups with various member numbers.

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K-Pop Girl Group SOLIA Disbands Just 5 Days After Their Debut

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The group’s agency, Space Music Entertainment released a statement about it last week. It will interest you: Blackpink’s Lisa reveals the first official image of her solo release SOLIA was made up of five members. We apologize for suddenly surprising you with unfortunate news. Due to its circumstances, the company can no longer keep SOLIA in operation, so we came to close our activities after long discussions.

It was a very short time, but we would like to thank and apologize to the fans who supported and loved us during that time. I get a lot of DMs from international fans. i’m reading them all. Thanks a lot. I love you so much". This happened due to internal circumstances, so I hope you don’t feel too sad about it.

Its dissolution has raised questions about saturation and sustainability in the South Korean music industry. Numerous groups make their debut every year with little hope of success. They ended his run just when he had room to start. This isn’t even the first debut for some of the girls, as previously three of Solia’s members were active in another girl group, Siosijak, formed in , and then became inactive.