Aloe Vera Hair Mask

The Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Hair And How It Benefits Your Hair

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Mix 50g of aloe vera gel, add 5 ml of argan oil and two or three drops of tea tree oil. We mix well. We apply first.

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Fructis Hair Food with Moisturizing Aloe deeply nourishes and makes hair soft for longer. Indicated for normal hair.

Aloe Vera for Hair What are its benefits?

"Aloe vera is a great capillary ally to nourish and repair hair "When applying it naturally and as a mask.

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Now it is also competing for first place as the best natural active ingredient for hair care. However, Aloe vera juice coats the hair with minerals and vitamins that close the hair cuticles and leave the hair fibers hydrated. Keep in mind that frizzy hair is caused by continuous friction between dry hair fibers. In this way, the movement of your hair between each other does not generate frizz. Aloe vera is known for its healing and regenerating properties against burns and skin problems.

Aloe vera juice has the same pH as our scalp, making it slightly alkaline and a powerful fighter against dandruff and oil build-up. However, each hair is a world, and for this reason we recommend that you create your own homemade mask with Aloe vera, personalized and tailored to your needs. Shea butter is deeply moisturizing. The spirals of the curls make it difficult for the natural oils that our scalp produces to have coverage throughout the hair.

Mask with Aloe vera, step by step To obtain your mask, you only have to mix the gel, the coconut oil and the butter until you obtain a homogeneous mixture. Therefore, apply with a brush or brush on your dry hair until it is completely covered, from roots to ends, with the mixture.

Based on this, you can decrease or increase the amount of shea butter in this recipe. For this reason, we recommend that you store it in the fridge and that, when creating your mask, use the amount of gel that you are going to use that week.