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How to Decorate the Floor of the Wedding Altar

Weddings are commonly held in churches, although it is true that more and more religious weddings are proliferating outdoors or civil in.

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Civil wedding in Menorca.Monica Torres. Spain is secularizing at full speed. The fall of religious marriages is the indicator.

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Rental Of Altars For Civil Weddings | Civil wedding, ideas for a large number of premises, flats or houses for sale and rent that.

Whether we believe them or not, we carry out myths and customs with the intention of bringing good luck to the new spouses. We give you a tour for many.

6 ideas to decorate the floor of the wedding altar –

It does not matter if it is a civil ceremony or a religious celebration: for both, the Father delivers the bride at the wedding altar.

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wedding in a garden

How to decorate the altar for a wedding in 4 minutes At the time of getting married, decoration plays a fundamental role, especially on the altar, as it is the place where all eyes converge. Written and verified by art historian Francisco Jiménez. It is worth working this space well to achieve a good result. Aesthetically, it is not necessary to recharge the altar, certain elements are simply needed that can complement the act and generate a beautiful and positive effect that pleases the guests.

Inside the church, you have to keep a decorum. A very good way to decorate the altar would be as follows: Use of white cloths: these can be arranged in different areas: on the altar, on the railings if there are any, etc. The point is that white reflects a sense of purity and is consistent with the bride’s dress. Flowers: flower arrangements can be placed above and below the altar, in the aisle where the bride and groom walk and, above all, around the bride and groom, both on the stairs and in the area where they are.

Basically, you don’t have to overcharge, you just have to apply a content of harmony and sweetness. With these resources, respect is kept for the temple while it is decorated. Wedding in a garden In the event that the ceremony takes place in a garden, the components described in the previous section can be applied if the wedding is religious. On the other hand, weddings in gardens proliferate a lot, where the act is civil and not religious.

Flowers and petals: again, they cannot be missing from the altar. They are the main means of connecting the wedding with nature. The petals, in turn, generate a very nice effect if they are distributed on the ground, decorating the area. They help to set the scene by framing the bride and groom and attracting the eye. Obviously, it is not an appropriate place for ceremonies, but the acts are really nice if they are decorated well. Again, resources such as flowers, cloth, pergola, etc. can be used.

There is no doubt that they are the main resources that provide a gallant touch. If you want to give it a certain informality, pots with wild plants can be placed. To provide light, torches or lanterns can be placed that provide a dim and calm light. Thus, a touch of subtlety and relaxation is achieved. If you doubt in the choice of colors, here shades such as white, sky blue, purple, orange, green, among others, can have an important presence. You can even make a combination between them.

Therefore, the decoration of the altar has to adapt to the space where the celebration takes place. you might be interested