Alternate Lunges

Lunge Exercise: Execution Technique and Variations

The exercise of.

Step 1 Grab a pair of dumbbells with a neutral grip, palms facing inward. Maintain an upright position and spread your feet to the.

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Alternate strides represent a variety of traditional strides that are very common in training focused on strengthening.

Lunge stride, exercise in which we advance or delay ours and even creating variables in which one of the alternatives is the.

Lunge Exercise: Execution Technique and Variations – foodspring Magazine

The stride is a highly recommended exercise to strengthen legs and buttocks. Also known as a lunge or lunge, it also allows.

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one. squats

This can be done in various ways and the weight may or may not be used for the activity. However, with the weight of the body it is already possible to do it. The movement should be done slowly. A good option is to alternate the squat with small jumps. Remember that it is important that the movement is performed correctly to obtain a positive result. To perform the exercise, it is enough to have a mat or towel to lie on the ground, and to do it you only need to follow the following steps: Lie down on the ground and leave your knees slightly bent, with the soles of your feet fixed on the ground. the pelvis, so that the back and buttocks are off the ground.

Without raising your back Return to the original position and repeat the exercise. It can be done directly on the ground, on a towel or mat. Lateral lunge The lateral kick is a complete exercise that associates the squat with the lateral movement, to perform it you only need to do the following: To start the movement, stand up with a straight back Bend only one knee and stretch the other leg to the side Throw your body weight onto the bent leg as in a squat Wait a few seconds in that position Go back to step one and switch legs.

Remember that you must keep your back straight to avoid any damage. You just need discipline and dedication to achieve your goals, since you can exercise at home with everyday objects that replace gym equipment.

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