American Akita Dog

American Akita: Is it a Dangerous Breed??

The American Akita is a dog breed with origins in Akita Prefecture, Japan. It is a different breed than the Akita Inu.

The origins of the American Akita date back to the mid-twentieth century at the end of World War II when American soldiers adopted dogs.

The American Akita (formerly known as "Great Japanese Dog"), is a dog breed with origins in the Akita prefecture, in Japan.

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American Akita: is it really a dangerous breed?

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Despite this, they are difficult dogs to train given their tendency to dominate. It is necessary that their caregivers have experience in training since they require an adapted education and early socialization. Appearance The size of the American Akita is much larger than its Japanese ancestor, with an average height of 71 centimeters and 55 kg in males.

In dogs with spots, these are large and are evenly distributed on a white background. History It was not until the end of World War II that the breeds of American Akita and Akita Inu were differentiated since, until now, they were considered one. Its origin begins in Akita where records have been found from the 17th century where they were used for hunting. Foundation of the Akita Kennel Club Later, after the Second World War, the Akitas expanded throughout the American territory, founding the Akita Kennel Club, which later changed its name to Akita Club of America.

It was not until the 1990s when the club re-authorized the importation of the Akita Inu breed, despite the fact that there were already great differences such as the large size of the American and the delicacy of the Japanese Akita. Health Currently we can find both types of breed in Europe thanks to breeders, who are involved in preserving the main characteristics of each breed.

They are dogs that do not have a typical disease and do not usually get sick, except for their own joint problems due to their weight. Food They are dogs that require a diet with balanced levels of protein, since an excess of them can cause diseases in their skin or coat. Cereals and soy can also be responsible for your skin problems. In general, the American Akita must have a diet according to its size and weight, like any other breed.

In any case, pork should be avoided and fed with lamb meat, for example, which has a low allergic reaction. American Akitas, despite their size, are dogs that eat very little food. You need to know this The American Akita does not require difficult maintenance or feeding, but it does require some physical activity to expend all its energy.

Despite being a dog that likes sports, it is limited to a certain extent. Training and socialization Their hunting instinct must be taken into account as it can cause alterations in activities in conjunction with their keepers. If their education is based on perseverance, affection and socialization during their first stage of life.

The American Akita is not a dog for inexperienced handlers, as its pride and independence can cause coexistence problems. Instead, proper training and socialization can result in a loyal companion.