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Not everything is Disney princess stories. Mickey Mouse House is synonymous with family films and series aimed, especially, at.

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If Anything Happens to Me, I Love Them · Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars · Summit of the Gods · Cosmos Laundromat: First Cycle · I Lost My Body · Masameer: ​​The Series.

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However, the profile of the films on this list is very different. Here is a list of the best animated movies for adults. It is an entertaining, imaginative and original film, an adaptation of the comic of the same name. Paprika Freedom and originality for a work not well known in the West. His narrative is chaotic, his creativity enviable, and his imagination breaks down any boundary between genres. Akira A huge film, a benchmark for Japanese and global animation cinema.

Very good, although in its final stretch it accuses the ambition of covering the entire comic in just two hours of footage. Mary and Max Great story about loneliness. High-quality adult animation. A very hard and very funny movie. A very interesting work, but very very uncomfortable. Waking life Dream is destiny. Dare to enter the uncontrollable world of dreams, as exciting as it is disturbing and dark. Richard Linklater gives us a very strange animated film, in which he embeds many of his ideas.

eccentric and philosophical. princess momonoke is dense and very beautiful. Grave of the Fireflies Hotaru no Haka To tell the truth this movie despite being remarkable, I do not recommend it to anyone. Its director, Isao Takahata, tells us the survival story of two children who, after the death of their mother, find themselves without a home in the context of World War II.

The threat of a nuclear war is clear, and they decide to start building a shelter where they can survive when it all starts. quiet and creepy. Wrinkles Another adaptation of a comic and another animated film about old age. Humor, tenderness and reflection. Ghost in the Shell Violent, high-impact film, not suitable for children. In a huge Asian city, a cyborg investigates a hacker.

Futuristic, and hard to forget. Either one fits on this list. Cult film that mixes comedy, horror, and animation. Released in , how much with a sequel. The plague dogs Two animals escape from a biological center, where they are experimented on. It is violent, dark and disturbing. Fantastic Mr. Fox Wes Anderson transfers his particular world to animation.