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Why Ana Bárbara Hasn’t Invited Her Dad To Her Wedding

Who is Ana Barbara’s boyfriend? Ángel Muñoz is an employee of the United States Government. She is 15 years younger than Ana Bárbara.

Recently she could be seen performing an intense and not so recommendable exercise routine next to her boyfriend and future husband, Ángel Muñoz with.

Ana Bárbara and her boyfriend Ángel Muñoz got engaged in July of last year, however, their wedding plans have been postponed due to the.

Aidan Gallagher With Beard

Ana Bárbara shared a moving video of the moment in which Chema and Jerónimo said goodbye to Ángel, the singer’s fiancé.

Ana Bárbara literally works out with her boyfriend

The singer Ana Bárbara and Ángel Muñoz have been in a happy relationship for seven years, and although there is a difference of 15 years between them, their romance is.

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Ana Bárbara shows off her boyfriend and he is gorgeous