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How Will Guzman And Ander’s Exit From Elite Season 5 Affect??

"walk" is the fifth episode of the third season of Elite and the twenty-first episode of the series overall. Rebeca tries to identify the traitor.

The young actor, who played Ander, has said goodbye to Netflix fiction.

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From the third to the fourth season of Elite there was an important Arón Piper (Ander) and Miguel Bernardeau (Guzmán) left the series to.

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How can the departure of Guzmán and Ander from season 5 of Elite affect?

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By admin Series 0 Comments In the cast of Elite we meet a number of new talents from Spanish cinema. Produced by Zeta Audiovisual Elite develops its story in Las Encinas, the fashion institute for well-off people. Thanks to La casa de papel there are three actors in the cast of Elite that we can no longer get out of our heads. In the series, which has had a strong promotion by Netflix, there is something for everyone.

Being part of the Elite cast can open many doors for you as your character has been confirmed as one of the great favorites. Here he plays Guzman, Marina’s brother. Rich by adoption, his arrogance does not really show who he is. Discovered in Velvet Collection, his career can take off thanks to the Netflix series. Seasoned in short films, he has good skills to become one of the favorites.

Rich like his friend, he is a boy who has been with his girlfriend all his life and they both need to experience something new. A small role in I’m alive that lasted eight chapters was for many, his discovery. A native of Mexico, at 23 years old he already has several television series behind him. Discovered in The Prince, it has also gone through the series Serve and protect before reaching Netflix. With a whole career ahead of him, Elite has been his world launch.

For In exchange for nothing -the first film he made- he received the Goya for Best Newcomer for From then on, he has not stopped working. In the cast of Elite he plays Christian, a poor boy who laughs at life. Families, very different from each other, seek the best for their children.

Looking for his opportunity for years, the one from Murcia has a whole career with Netflix. In the cast of Elite he plays Nano, Samuel’s older brother. Although he participated in some short films a few years ago, until now he had not made himself known.

Here is Omar, Nadia’s brother. Homosexual in a family where orientation is not accepted, he deals in all kinds of drugs to be able to leave home and be free. Ramón Esquinas is Ventura Actor with a long career in film and television, Ramón Esquinas is a face that we have seen in many series. Two of May, freedom of a nation or Suddenly, the Gómez are some of the fictions in which he participates.

Consumed by the life around her, she blames herself for her daughter’s misfortune. Almost always in the shadow of her husband, she struggles to keep her composure and separate the young woman from whom she considers bad influences. Alfredo Villa is Antonio The actor Alfredo Villa has also been in film and television for quite some time. In Elite he plays Antonio, Ander’s father. Dedicated to tennis all his life, he wants his son to follow in his footsteps.

However, although at first he accepts the proposal, the boy soon feels that this is not his place. Still of Elisabeth Gelabert in Elite Netflix Elisabet Gelabert is Azucena Like many of the other actors we have named here, Elisabeth Gelabert also has an extensive career in film and television.

Eva’s fishbowl, El internado or Isabel are some of the series in which we have seen her. On Netflix she has also participated in La casa de papel and now we have her in the cast of Elite. In the Netflix series he plays Teo, Carla’s father. A businessman for years, he has a close relationship with Ventura, Marina’s father. Lola Marceli is Beatriz Actress with years in her profession, she has gone through very different television series.

Thanks to the cast of Elite Lola Marceli, she is back on screen with a recurring role. Successful woman, decides to start a family with his wife and have a son. Related Posts.