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Jon Voight’s Fiery Defense Of Donald Trump Drives Him Away From His Daughter Angelina Jolie Again

Jonathan Vincent "Jon" Voight is an American actor.He is known above all for films like Midnight Cowboy, Odessa, Coming Home —for which he won an Oscar— or The Champion. He is the father of actress Angelina Jolie and actor James.

Jon Voight, father of Angelina Jolie and loyal supporter of Trump, will receive the Medal of Arts at the White House Along with other artists The.

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Angelina Jolie prevents her father, actor Jon Voight, from seeing his children · The American actress resumed her relationship with her father after the.

He is the father of actress Angelina Jolie and actor James Haven. Index. 1 Biography; 2 Private life; 3.

Angelina Jolie’s father breaks the silence after his daughter’s divorce

Born in Los Angeles, California, United States. Angelina Jolie is the daughter of artists Jon Voight and Marcheline Bertrand. Jon Voight, father of the actress, in.

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He also claimed that Biden’s victory was rigged. Governor Newsom has destroyed many lives, people who depend on his businesses, and now he wants to shut down the State again. I ask everyone to fight to kick them out. Jon Voight never deserved a beautiful soul like her as his daughter. Another user recalled how Voight said his daughter was crazy in the past and convinced the media that it was true. Angelina Jolie and Jon Voight Angelina Jolie with her father Jon Voight and her brother James Haven in Credit: Shutterstock Before the appearance of her father, the actress decided that her father would stay away from his six children.

Jolie has had a rather conflictive relationship with her father. I have adopted and biological children, and families win. The actress admitted to The Hollywood Reporter that she had a good relationship with Voight, although she avoids her father’s political views, and does not allow him to talk about it with her or their children, instead, she focuses on talking about her profession. We have had some difficulties in the past, but my children and our passion for cinema have ironed out our differences.

Angelina Jolie and Jon Voight on Shutterstock Jolie and Voight were estranged for years due to the terms of their parents’ divorce. Others, on the other hand, are encouraged to affirm that Jolie has a very tense relationship with her father – among other things – due to political differences. In her editorial, the mother of six recalled how her parents’ separation changed Bertrand’s acting career and forced her to focus on motherhood.

He set fire to his dream of family life. But things were better between father and daughter. Jon Voight was there for Jolie after she split from ex-husband Brad Pitt in Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, and twins Knox and Vivienne have helped him rebuild his relationship with his daughter.

Angelina Jolie’s dad makes a surprise appearance in her emotional interview – 60 Minutes Australia