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Animal Cemetery (2022)

The doctor. Louis Creed discovers a strange graveyard in a forest near his new house. When the family cat is run over by a car, Louis buries it in this eerie graveyard, and what happens next terrifies him as much as it fascinates him.

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Pet Sematary (titled: Pet Cemetery in Latin America and Living Cemetery in Spain) is a film directed by Mary Lambert in

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Dr. Louis Creed and his family settle in their new house near a highway. There they meet their neighbor, Jud Crandall, an old man who saves.

Animal Cemetery: A lot of smoke and few scares · Cinema and Comedy

Criticism of the film Pet Sematary, by Jason Clarke, John Lithgow, Amy Seimetz, Jeté Laurence, Hugo Lavoie.

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And it is because part of the events he narrates have to do with his own life experience. With the death of his daughter’s cat and its subsequent burial in an animal cemetery in Maine, when the author, who had been his University to teach creative literature, at the end of the Therefore, some of the topics he touches on the book, and by extension this new adaptation, are very personal. Shortly after being there, her daughter notices a procession of children who are going to bury their pets in an animal cemetery within the boundaries of her property.

From that point, a series of events take place that mixes life after death, loss, terror, and a regular in old horror stories: cemeteries, Indian reservations and their iconography. In this respect, there are few horror films that play in their thread with the conception of life after death and dare to close with an ending like the one in Animal Cemetery. We have seen it before, yes, but we do not expect anything that appears in that way.

For this reason, it is enjoyed equally whether you have seen the 89 movie or if you go to the cinema again. Nothing is new, but everything is new. But it is also familiar enough to keep the spirit of the original work intact and maintain the plot line -with nuances- of the film. In general terms, the succession of the different events of the film and the final result work on their own. without the need to resort to those references, so in the end they remain a mere excuse to give scares that are meaningless within the whole.

Conclusion Cemetery of Animals is able to be faithful both to the film and to the original work, maintaining its plot line but with its own touches of personality that mean that the tension of this type of film is not lost. Pros Unexpected, open and heartbreaking ending. It is able to be faithful to the originals but its own personality. Maintains tension at all times with moments of special shock.

Cons Some moments where the movie tries to be funny breaks the tense climax a bit. Also in Hypertextual.

Living Cemetery (Pet Sematary 1) (1989)