Animal Of Each Zodiac Sign

The Recommended Foods According to Your Horoscope

Reveal your animal in the Chinese horoscope according to your date of birth and learn identified with animals and each of them is repeated every twelve years.

How to know your Chinese horoscope sign Each year in the 60-year cycle contains 12 animals, each with 5 possible elements.

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You already know what animal is Capricorn and what animal represents each sign of the zodiac. what did you think of this note? Sources: Black Horoscope. The.

Properties and qualities of each person according to the horoscope and Chinese astrology. Affinity between beings of the same sign and compatibility in love.

Recommended foods according to your horoscope – Step To Health

Whether Sioux, Apache, Seminole or Comanche based their future on the predictions of their totems: the animals that corresponded to each.

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On the other hand, it is believed that each sign must consume a series of foods to obtain various health benefits. This study carried out at the National University of Mar de Plata says that the importance of nutrition is due to other concepts, for example, the quality of food, the type of diet that is being done based on the pace of life, the work and metabolism.

In some cases, there are those who decide to go on diets to improve their lifestyle. This could be explained in the following way: some people may have aesthetic goals when doing some diets while others may have health-related reasons, for example heart problems or obesity.

A horoscope is an interpretation that some cultures have given to the present and the future throughout history. Likewise, there is the Aztec, Celtic and Chinese horoscope. It is characterized because each sign has a year to reign.

Another concept explains that horoscopes are prediction methods based on the position of the stars at the time of the person’s birth. In this study carried out in Switzerland, the signs of the zodiac are defined as a topic to be exposed from the perspective of development and spiritual evolution, emphasizing the esoteric content.

Either way, horoscopes have been part of the development of many cultures. Today, in particular, we will be talking about the western zodiac horoscope. The zodiacal horoscope is represented as a circle divided into 12 parts: the 12 astrological houses that are related to the signs that govern people and the movement of the heavenly bodies. According to the horoscope, each zodiac sign is prone to affect certain organs.

Fire signs: aries, leo and sagittarius There are so many things to do and so little time. That is why they often suffer from liver and circulatory system conditions. Purifying, energetic and high-fiber foods such as legumes, soybeans, fish, green leafy vegetables and fruits are recommended.

Aries March 21 April You need lightness and energy but you tend to retain fluids. This can be avoided if you include diuretic fruits in your diet, either natural or in the form of juices. A good option is citrus. Moderate the salt in your meals. Choose low-fat meats and fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin C and E. Avoid coffee, tea, alcohol and of course butter. Unfortunately, you love fried foods.

Opt for steam cooking, eggs and meats well cleaned of fat. Detoxify your body with tropical fruits, vegetables and whole foods. Their slow metabolism and sedentary lifestyle can lead them to be overweight. You especially enjoy the pleasures of the table, which is why you tend to be overweight. You may experience frequent gastrointestinal problems.

Start the day with a healthy breakfast, where fresh fruit and fiber-rich foods predominate. The rest of the day, keep your energy high by consuming potatoes, cooked legumes, carrots, eggs and fish. Stay away from red meat and coffee. Capricorn December 22, January The greatest weakness is the bones and teeth, so you need foods rich in calcium and magnesium to strengthen them and promote muscle relaxation.

Limit sugary drinks during meals. They are prone to fluid retention, so it is convenient that they avoid excess salt in meals. They need to eat a lot of protein. The natives of this sign usually suffer from anxiety, digestive disorders and fluid retention.

Avoid products made with flour and spicy sauces. Scorpio October 23 November Protect your reproductive organs, especially your genitals. Pisces February 20 March Spicy dishes and alcoholic beverages are your weakness, banquets are your downfall. So you better choose to make hearty breakfasts and light dinners. It is important that you take care of your urinary system. Avoid meats with a lot of fat, salty and highly seasoned foods and moderate your alcohol consumption.

Discover: Delicious slimming breakfasts with hardly any calories Air signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius Air is very fickle, for these signs meal times do not exist. A balanced diet of five meals a day and plenty of fluids, preferably water, is all they need.

They should choose whole grain products, fruits with a high water content, cucumber, legumes, river fish and eggs. Gemini May 22 June Lungs are your Achilles heel. Yes, usually your way of eating is quite messy. But we suggest you consume dishes based on meat and salads, add seeds, innovate and have fun. Coffee, tea and sodas could affect you. That is why you need to consume a lot of water and delicious infusions of chamomile, lemon balm or linden to avoid kidney infections and eliminate toxins.

Healthy homemade food favors you. Avoid ultra-processed foods, coffee and heavy meals. In other words, regardless of our date of birth, we must be sure that, when feeding ourselves, we are consuming quality food. In conclusion, the idea is to do what is within our power to lead a healthy, balanced and responsible lifestyle. you might be interested