Animal Print Nails 2022

Animal Print Nails + 40 Photos And Videos Step By Step

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The animal print is a camouflage style that imitates the skin of some animals combining shapes, stripes, lines, spots to resemble the natural design.

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The «animal print» nails are a trend so that we can choose between many varied designs since the animal print can.

Animal print nails + 40 photos and videos step by step

Nail designs are a statement of our personality and state of mind, so you should start this one with some.

The pink gives it a delicate touch and the gold on the little finger gives it a certain rebelliousness. His pints in black and pink background. Although the design looks modest, they look fresh and ideal for any occasion. They look great on short nails. The nails look colorful and cheerful, some in a half moon that does not cover the entire nail. The hue gives it an elegant and sophisticated appearance. Also the varieties of colors make them look juvenile. Although they look simple, you can combine them with some stones or some other designs on the edge of the nails.

The figures are in black stripes and white background. They come in two variants, gloss and matte. It looks fresh and authentic looking nails, to wear at events or dinners. They look amazing and most can be worn for any occasion.