Animals Of The Zodiac Signs

Know Which Animal You Are According To Your Zodiac Sign

The names of the zodiacal signs seem to be of Latin origin, The twelve signs of the zodiac come from Latin and not all of them are animals.

From astrology it is considered that each zodiacal sign is reflected in an animal and represents several characteristics of this animal.

Spirit animals are also directly related to zodiac signs. Start the with the best digital content! two.

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The crab appears intimately associated with this sign, a soft and vulnerable animal inside but sheltered in a hard protective shell.

What animal am I in the Chinese Horoscope, according to the date of birth – Infobae

It was from the Eastern Han dynasty that the Chinese begin to use the twelve animal signs in order – Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit.

The personality of your sign identifies with a creature of the animal kingdom

LaOpinionLA The way animals behave resembles the personality of human beings. According to astrology, each zodiac sign has a creature from the animal kingdom with which it identifies and they are like soul mates. Aries Hawks are cunning like Aries. Being very curious, they are also like foxes. They have the ability to have a broad view of things, like giraffes.

Gemini Koalas are like Geminis. A koala is the animal that represents them perfectly, but being dual people, adaptable to any situation, they are like chameleons. Photo: Pexels As their sign indicates, they are represented by a lion.

They feel like the kings of the jungle and they love to show their power, courage, energy and vitality, Virgo The attitude of the bear is like that of Virgo. Photo: Pexels They are very cunning, elegant, protective and have a wild side if they get into their business. The bear is the animal for this sign. Libra The deer describes the Libra. Scorpion The animal that defines the Scorpion is the dog. The dog is the animal that represents them perfectly. Sagittarius Sagittarius identifies with the wolf.

At the same time, they are intelligent and are able to protect the people they love. The animal that defines them is the wolf. Capricorn Beavers work as hard as Capricorns. They are very hardworking and do not rest until they achieve their goals no matter how big they may become. Aquarius The cat represents Aquarius. Aquarians are independent, observant, analytical and give themselves to love. The cat is the animal that best represents them.

Pisces Pisces identify with dolphins. Sometimes they sin by being too noble and compassionate, however, that does not stop them from continuing to dream. It may interest you:.

Your date of birth controls your personality.