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The Blue Bird That Inspired The Movie "River" It has become extinct from its natural habitat

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Adaptation of the popular tale of India In India everyone knows the story of a very peculiar parrot that, apparently, was very eager to be free. The animal was a gift he had received in his youth, so they had been together for almost half their lives, keeping each other company. Inside the cage, the parrot had a feeder and always fresh water.

One day, the old man invited a friend to his house for tea. Nothing… The parrot would not shut up and insisted on being set free. When it was time to say goodbye, the host very politely escorted his guest to the door. At night he couldn’t sleep.

If he wanted to be free, he had to do something for him. He decided that the next day he would go incognito to the old man’s house. Once there, he would wait for him to go do the daily shopping at the market and, as soon as he was absent, he would go in and free the parrot.

Just as he thought, he did. The animal, as soon as it heard a little noise, opened its beak and began to shout. The parrot’s insistence dispelled all his doubts and he convinced himself that what he was going to do was the right thing to do.

He closed the small cage door again and went back the way he had come, glad at least that he had given her a chance to be free. BA in Geography and History. Registered in SafeCreative.

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