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Children’s stories to read short, free and educational – Blog Mumablue

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Overture, by Alexander Nakarada. Much of our children’s stories to read are stories with values: they use the story to highlight positive behaviors and teach children to become good people. Poems to read to children are always a great idea, as they help awaken their interest in the poetic genre and stimulate their sensitivity.

These are stories rich in values, with careful illustrations made by hand and that are combined thanks to advanced technology to make magic happen. Ideal to give away and look like a queen. Click on the image and discover all Mumablue personalized stories. Parents are the first intermediaries between our children and literature. Throughout history, adults have told children stories to help them understand reality, transmit educational values ​​and protect them from various dangers through morals and other resources.

They are also the way in which the child begins to know that there are other worlds, objects and realities to which he does not have access in his limited daily life. As you can see, reading stories to children is important for very different reasons. We hope that Mumablue’s stories to read to children will make them dream. Leave us a comment with ideas, ratings or topic suggestions and we will write stories based on your tastes or ideas.