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While seeing silver hair on many viewers in other non-anime shows can mean a character is old.

Here is a list of the most adorable anime girls with short hair. Anime lovers will definitely appreciate this post. one. Ritsu Kawai.

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In this case, you have come to the right place. Also search our website for top art of girls with pink hair, pictures of anime girls with horns.

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But however you like your black-haired waifus, the variety is still available. There are so many girls in anime with dark hair.

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He is inquisitive and curious, but rarely displays those exaggerated expressions native to some other anime characters. However, it also attests to his attitude. Throughout the series, Angel has a quiet, calm and collected personality.

Kakashi from Naruto Introduced as a teacher to the main character, Kakashi needed to be a calm and collected silver-haired fox. You know, a character that probably has an attitude like Black Star. Togame from Katanagatari Togame didn’t always sport this hair color. In fact, her hair color only changed after a certain event. However, although occasionally cheerful, he has always had the attitude of a silver-haired character, boasting of being strong in mind and weak in body.

Not only is he as cool as an ice cube, but his entire demeanor exudes composure and sophistication. Isla from Plastic Memories As an android, Isla’s silver hair is particularly appropriate. In essence, an android like Isla is the ultimate anime character sporting silver hair.

Inuyasha’s Sesshoumaru While Sesshomaru and his brother Inuyasha share a silver hair color, Sesshomaru personifies that silver hair best, and we all know that Inuyasha’s hair turns black sometimes anyway. Sesshoumaru, however, while cruel, is selfless as can be in most things.

To which he would say: yes. As a pure blood dog demon, of course he best sees himself as human, feline devils and his half brother half. Charlotte’s Nao Tomori Unlike many silver-haired characters, in personality, Nao is the personification of energy and innocence.

However, her white hair may be a hint to her supernatural ability to turn invisible. Despite his attitude, he also sports a lofty status as the hard-working student council present. He is also presented as being above other characters due to his family and also his background.

Eucliwood from Is This a Zombie? Like many girls with white hair, Eu is so cold that she has almost no emotions. However, it is also particularly powerful. While his armor is used to suppress his powers as a necromancer, he still possesses a great deal of physical strength.

So while she may be a cool customer, Eu’s silver hair also denotes her otherworldly powers. Tomoe, throughout the show, has a distinctive air of arrogance that is just part of her character.

While her white hair may be a push for her to be a fox or just a long-lived demon, it works well with her sophisticated mannerisms. Menma from Ano Hana Menma is, well, from another world. As for her personality, she spends much of her time being bubbly, but calm and keeping that torrent of emotions bottled up inside her.

Allen of D. Gray Man Allen’s silver hair speaks as much about his personality as it does about his circumstances. Ever since Allen was young, he was intertwined with Akuma for various family reasons. He was trained by General Cross and has his special eye along with his Innocence. However, as a person, although young and prone to moments of passion, his attitude is particularly moderate. In fact, compared to other shounen heroes, much of the main cast of D.

Gray Man is quite calm. In essence, she’s the perfect shade of gray. Tell the world about them in the comments section below.