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We propose some of the most original anime tattoos at this time. Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, Naruto and other tattoos.

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Anime tattoos only feature anime characters and themes. But it is not necessary to follow the rules since almost any character can transform into.

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Manga are comics or saga-type stories or series that extend over time, created by Japanese in the Japanese language. When the manga is animated in drawings or movies, it is called Anime. This style was penetrating outside of Japan and in the 80s it became fashionable.

Now the drawings followed the Japanese style but were translated and Manga text was created in other languages. Manga has millions of fans all over the world. It is not surprising that manga is a trend that is exported. We can see it in clothes, shoes, haircuts and colors and also in tattoos.

The tattoos are based on designs from comics or anime stories. The characteristic of Manga drawings. Symbols that use geometric shapes in designs reminiscent of dragons or butterfly wings. Snakes, swords, and star tattoos often appear in manga iconography. Children’s facial features are often used, and the eyes are very important in drawings to express emotions.

The very typical cherry blossoms of Japan indicate pleasant moments. Characters from comics and Anime series as models for tattoos: Dragon Ball.