Anuel Aa Karol G

Photos: AloSofía, The Singer Who Would Be Anuel’s New Girlfriend, Karol G’s Ex

Although Anuel AA has tried to recover his relationship with the Colombian singer Karol G on several occasions, she has decided.

Karol G and Anuel AA captured the attention of their thousands of followers after they met again this weekend during the concert that.

While the fans worried that Anuel had forgotten the "little baby", Karol G enjoys an incredible vacation in the.

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The singer Karol G saw Anuel again after the breakup of the relationship, the Colombian surprised at her last concert in.

Photos: She is AloSofía, the singer who would be Anuel’s new girlfriend, Karol G’s ex

Several clues suggest that Anuel AA, who was the partner of the Colombian singer Karol G, would be premiering a girlfriend.

´Anuel AA´ ensures that the relationship with Karol G is better than ever

Although they had not seen each other for a while, he assures that the friendship between the two is very solid. The day of her concert in Puerto Rico I had to support her. The PR market is very difficult. In this stage of being single, there are many curiosities about his love life, although it is true that his courtship relationship with the Colombian woman was very exposed on social networks, he assures that he is not afraid to show his love life on the networks again, whether he had a famous or low-key girlfriend.

In the midst of his comments about his love life, the guys on the show took the opportunity to ask him who his crush is, to which he enthusiastically confessed that it is the American actress and singer Scarlett Johansson.

Regarding Tokischa, he also praised his talent, seeing in it the reflection of his career in its beginnings, when he was heavily criticized for the strong lyrics he used, which over time matured and molded a little. On freedom: He says he feels happy, confessing that he felt that during his probation his life was in the hands of the feds, since, to travel and perform concerts, he was under a contract, which became something very difficult to deal with.

He assures that the judicial process in his life changed everything, stating that at that stage of his life he was not even half of what he is today. Today he sees life and thinks differently. Money at this point in his career is not his priority. Investment in sports: Since I was little I played basketball. I dreamed of being in the NBA. I attended many games. We speak the same language. His new project is a conceptual series that the Puerto Rican created as a tribute to all the legends that inspired him.

Currently the album debuted 1 on the list of the top Latin Billboard.