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"Fear God" (Fear God) and a cross are the two tattoos that Puerto Rican singer Anuel AA had on his face and presented at the end of.

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Anuel AA. I like · people are talking about this. Official Facebook For Anuel AA #RealHastaLaMuerte.

I can spend it smoking violet flowers in gold and drinking rosé, but in the end, I am a devil that devours you whenever he can. People who seek you out only when they need something from you don’t deserve to have you as a friend. Starting over is not bad, on the contrary, it is an opportunity to grow and do things much better than before. An old proverb said that if you like a person for their looks, it’s desire, if you like them for their intelligence, it’s admiration, if you like them for their wealth, it’s interest, but if you really don’t know why you like them, then it’s love.

True friends are those who tell you the truth even if it hurts and defend you behind your back. And like everyone else, I also have a very special person for me in heaven and I miss him so much. I do not beg or love, or friendship, I thank those who stay with me, and those who leave, I wish them all the luck in the world.

Life puts many people on your path, but only the worthwhile ones stay with you forever. Many people have the desire to become millionaires but what they do not know is that, as long as you have a family, you are already rich.

No person notices your tears, your sadness or your suffering but everyone notices your mistakes. In a relationship, age does not matter, what matters is the way you think and the plans you have for the future. She decided to choose me, not you, I am the one who protects her, takes care of her and has the opportunity to make her happy for the rest of the days.

Anuel AA phrases for photos Always have a smile on your face, envious people hate that you enjoy your happiness. I am no longer interested in having anything with you, what happens is that I stopped liking you when I found out that anyone could have you. I no longer need your skin, you were unfaithful to me and it’s good that you’re not coming back, at the end of the day you were a bad woman. I prefer to kiss bottles before people, the hangover hurts much less than the failure of a love.

Phrases of Anuel AA Real until death I only ask for the fidelity and permanent love of a person who, when things get difficult, does not leave. Although it costs me, I promise that I will be part of history, and if you don’t like it, I have bad news for you because I will remain in your memories. You have become my obsession, my desire and my greatest dream, baby, I want to have you and I’m dying of despair. The truth is that I don’t mind when people speak ill of me, most of them don’t know half of what I really am.

Some people are so cruel that they are capable of destroying dreams, only for them not to triumph before them. Tell life that it is only one, that it is time to enjoy it, without prejudice and without ties. I may forgive you, but that doesn’t mean I can forget what you did to me. Let the bathroom fog up, let’s enjoy together, while we’re in the bathtub drinking champagne. The past should not be relived, so don’t try to go back because I won’t be there to start again what we once left.

Life quotes from Anuel AA Baby, never leave me, now I’m addicted to you and your body, without you I don’t know how far I could go. Yes, I probably have little money, but at least I earned it with effort and dedication. I am convinced that for every king, his queen is born, and I feel so lucky to have run into mine.

So we enjoy alone. When you feel dead inside, you reflect it on the outside, so much so that even a blind man is capable of realizing it. I’m telling you now because I never had the courage to tell you how I feel about you, I like you and so far I haven’t stopped liking you. Andreína A pleasure, my name is Andreína, I am 22 years old. I studied Social Communication. Virgo sign. Share this post on:.