Apple Strudel Recipe

Easy Apple Strudel. Traditional German Recipe

Learn how to prepare this Apple Strudel recipe, by Osvaldo Gross in For the filling: Quince jelly g; Green apples 4 Units.

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Traditional apple strudel. Learn how to prepare easy apple strudel by following this step-by-step recipe!!

Apple strudel or apfelstrudel is a traditional German dessert recipe stuffed with apples and filo pastry or in some cases puff pastry.

It is important to mix the apples and raisins well with the flour mixture. did you cook this recipe? Upload your photo. Print recipe for: Easy Apple Strudel.

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Instructions Melt half the butter in a pan and place the breadcrumbs together with the sugar and cinnamon. ยท Meanwhile.

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Preparation, how to make easy apple strudel recipe:

Combinations of textures, flavors and finishes that are new to our palate, and many of them are here to stay. The result is very tasty and light, not greasy at all, and is ideal accompanied by a little ice cream or yogurt to give it a contrast in temperature and texture.

Speaking of juicy-crunchy contrasts, try these delicious dumplings stuffed with apple and walnuts, baked, with a touch of cinnamon that is ideal. In a non-stick frying pan, pour half the butter and turn the heat to medium. Let it melt and add the apple pieces. Reserve and let cool. Put the rest of the butter in a glass and place it in the microwave for just a few seconds, until it melts.

Now fold the left part over the filling. Then fold the top and bottom edges inwards, on top of the filling. Keep rolling all the dough to the right side. Keep preparing the other 3 strudels. Baking and presentation of the apple strudel. Accompany with a scoop of ice cream or, as we have done, with a little cold yogurt.

You can accompany the apple with other nuts, such as almonds or pistachios or even a mixture of several. Related Recipes.

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