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Amber Heard confirms role in "Justice League" as Aquaman’s girlfriend, her role will be small, but it will be extended in other installments.

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Photo: AFP The leak of an audio that accounts for the circle of violence in which the actors Amber Heard and Johnny Depp were immersed during their romantic relationship has not ceased to raise controversy. In the description of the campaign, initiated by Jeanne Larson, the woman recalls that after the divorce lawsuit that Heard filed in the alleging that the actor constantly violated her, Depp was socially condemned. In fact, in , the American tabloid TMZ leaked a video of the ex-partner in full discussion.

She, surprised, asked him for explanations and asked him what was happening to him. Later, an opinion article arrived that the artist wrote for The Washington Post newspaper in which she recounted in detail the aggressions she suffered from her then-husband. A year later, in , already divorced, the interpreter filed a lawsuit against the actress in which he demanded the sum of USD 50 million for defamation after publication in the American media.

Although it has not been confirmed by any of the interpreters, the recording would have occurred in , when the former couple went to therapy to try to save their marriage. The sessions were recorded on Heard’s mobile phone under agreement of both parties. God, sometimes I get so mad I lose my mind.

The recording would refer to a night of discussion and in which Depp left the house. Later, the actress admits to having attacked him. Other users, on the other hand, have noted that the audios do not exculpate the actor from the accusations of domestic violence, but rather realize that the aggressions also came from Heard. Until this Tuesday, February 4, Warner Bros.