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Jason Momoa Reveals Where The Idea For Aquaman Tattoos Came From

Of the DC movies right now, Aquaman is one of the most attention grabbing. But to be a true hero of the seas is not only. Aquaman (Jason Momoa Tattoos) Filmcell Special Edition DC Comics Movie Clip Desktop Presentation DCEU: Home &.

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The actor who brings Aquaman to life does not put ink on his skin for anything.

Jason Momoa Reveals Where The Idea For Aquaman’s Tattoos Came From

Breaking Down Aquaman Tattoo. The mandala, one of the most requested and recurring tattoos on all sites due to its incredible meaning, discover here.

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Zack had the idea to put the tattoos everywhere and everyone wanted him to have a little bit of blonde in his hair. I just wanted him to have Van Gogh green eyes, ones you can get lost in. They scare you, but they attract you. It’s a little scary, but I hope not too much.

Although Snyder came up with the idea, costume designer Michael Wilkinson is responsible for bringing that vision to life. Our costume designer, Michael Wilkinson, is just amazing. As for the armor, for me it’s just gold and green and I eat 18 kg. You put it on and immerse yourself in the character.

The character of Aquaman is one that is between two worlds, and neither of them accepts him. This was not hard for Momoa to adopt, whose own past includes some of it. There’s a lot I could relate to because I was born in Hawaii and then grew up in Iowa, which made me feel out of place. Aquaman is half and half. He’s not accepted in Atlantis, but he doesn’t fit in with the surface world either, so he lives on the fringes. He is very cheeky and lonely until he meets the team and becomes part of that little family.

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