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Western Hemisphere, Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta. You will see the care of each of the thousands of animals, and the bonds of the employees with them.

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If you want to know what animals are in the Seville Aquarium, read this article and meet jellyfish, whale sharks and many more.

Animals of Atlantis Aquarium Madrid

Find out all the details about this new concept of educational and participatory leisure. From this aquarium, the inhabitants of the Earth are encouraged to become guardians of the seas and rivers, authentic ambassadors of Atlantis. The Juanito penguin lives in colonies in breeding pairs and can number in the thousands. You will be able to appreciate animals such as the great gray shark, a preserved fish that lives in open waters and hunts at dawn, or the Bali shark, a shark with an organ inside its snout that allows it to detect electric fields.

Among them, the leather coral, the dreaded moon jellyfish, the pan crab, the hermit crab, the sea cucumber or the sea urchin stand out. Animals that are mostly in a state of conservation. Animals that are mostly in a state of conservation. These animals move depending on their orientation with the magnetism of the earth. They have lungs, so they need to go to the surface to take in the air. Primary education activities focus on children learning about and respecting the marine environment, helping them to participate in its conservation.

These visits are also intended to develop critical thinking related to the environment and living beings. To make sure you don’t have to wait in line, it’s a good idea to buy your tickets online and check the rates based on your age.

If you are passionate about the oceans and want to know everything about them in a different way, we are waiting for you. At Atlantis Aquarium Madrid it is possible, since we organize the best parties for you. We offer you a guided tour with an environmental educator, adapted for you and your friends.

Both people with disabilities and large families have a reduced price. General admission General admission is for adults, ages 8 and up. Children under 3 years old do not pay entrance. Subscribe to our newsletter. I’m in.