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Aquatic turtles are usually small in size, reaching 20 or 25 cm, depending on the species, so it is extremely important that the turtle container.

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Turtles: What is the best tank size and configuration for Red Eared Sliders? More information. Turtle Fish Tank · Turtle Aquariums · Fish Tanks For Turtles.

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How to make an aquaterrarium for turtles step by step. If you have decided to have a turtle as a pet in your home, you have entered the site.

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Aquaterrariums for water turtles allow you to create a micro-habitat that consists of a part of land and another part of water, essential for your turtle.

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Aquarium tables and furniture Key elements for a turtle aquarium If you want your turtles to enjoy a happy, healthy life with all the comforts, it is essential that you make sure that their aquarium has the appropriate conditions. You must have enough space to swim and explore around you. Ideally the water should have a depth of 25 centimeters.

Dry zone: Although terrapins spend most of their time swimming, they also need a dry zone. Accessories: Turtles usually eat in the water, this generates waste and dirt in it. Manually removing waste is not enough to maintain water quality, so it is necessary to have a filter that purifies and maintains excellent quality water.

On the other hand, it is important to remember that they are cold-blooded animals, so it is recommended to include a water heater, which keeps it at an appropriate temperature. Aquariums for water turtles can usually be found in specialized pet stores.

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