Archangels According To Your Sign

What Are The Angels And Archangels According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Aries – Archangel Chamuel Taurus – Archangel Raphael Gemini – Archangel Gabriel Cancer – Archangel Jophiel Leo – Archangel Michael Virgo – Archangel.

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Discover the angel according to your zodiac sign. Aries. Your angel is the Archangel Samael, he is a protective angel that transforms fear and anxiety into.

Recognize your guiding archangel according to your zodiac sign. Aries (March 21 – April 20). As is well known, the children of Mars are always.

Archangel Raphael is the ruler of the Virgo zodiac sign, and he brings the attributes of efficiency and an analytical mind. those born under.

What is my guardian angel, according to my zodiac sign? – The opinion

This sign may need stimuli that give meaning to their emotional life, therefore, Chamuel, the archangel of love, will guide them with his.

Know the mission of the angels and archangels according to your sign

Just as each sign has a different personality, divine beings also have different sensitivities and characteristics. Make me less aggressive and make me sensitive to the good. To accept people as they are, with their qualities and defects. Make me understand all the attitudes of my colleagues, without wanting to change or transform them.

Strengthen me with your love and eternal power. Give me intelligence, determination and creativity to carry out my activities. Reduce my fascination with material things and teach me to value and admire the people around me. Make me not judge my brothers only for what they have. Always give me strength so that I can achieve success in my life. So be it. Make me spread the grace of God to all people through my words.

Make me free so that I can love and respect my brothers. Rafael, make me use my versatility to grow professionally and spiritually. Thank you for the freedom I have. So I can conquer and be conquered. I know that by the strength of the Creator and by his protection I will be victorious in all the moments of my life. Make it simple and reliable. Strengthen my being when I am leading and make everyone accept me as I am.

Give me the gift of love, so that I can make my partner always happy. Make it shine light for all those who need a word of comfort. Miguel, thank you for your shelter and protection. Light up my life and make me an organized and tidy person. Give me shelter when dealing with my family. That my way of being does not alienate people.

Oh Rafael, through you I ask God for forgiveness. Teach me to transmit peace and love to others, always. I turn to you to thank the gift I received from the Lord, to be kind and sensitive to everyone. Never be discouraged by a request for help. May I always be ready or to help all those who need me. Give me wisdom Anael, so that I can transmit your greatness of spirit. I give thanks for the magnetism I received.

I only ask that you help me control my vanity so that I do not become a selfish person. Do, Azrael, that I put my creativity at the service of God. Make me always bring joy and well-being to the other. For your protection I became a blessed and kind being.

For this reason, Saquiel, prolong my days on earth so that I can express the words of God until the end of my life. May everyone perceive in me the benefits of your intercession. Take away from me the memories of the past, so that I live the present intensely. I implore you not to forsake me and that you make me a strong person, with an unshakable faith.

Make me always willing to help those who need me. Don’t let me distract from my family and friends. Loving Uriel, make me worthy of your love. I love you, dear Uriel, and that’s why you never leave me. Make me always kind, so that in me all the afflicted find the comfort they need. Give me wisdom and courage to move on. It may interest you:.