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‘Riverdale’, The Return Of The Classic ‘Archie And His Friends’ To Television

Archibald "Archie" Andrews is a fictional character created by John L. Goldwater, Bob Montana and Vic Bloom, for comics published by Archie Comics. First appeared in Pep Comics #22 Played by KJ Apa in the series.

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In chapter 2 Archie Andrews (KJ Apa) dies. Cheryl Blossom (Madelaine Petsch) earlier found out that an ancestor of hers was a witch and.

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Archie grew up in Riverdale, he is the only child of Fred and Mary Andrews. At the age of thirteen, two years before the start of the series, his parents separated and.

In Archie’s debut, when he was nicknamed Chick, he was trying to impress Betty Cooper. However, when Veronica Lodge moved to Riverdale, he.

‘Riverdale’, the return of the classic ‘Archie and his friends’ to television – 15 minutes

Riverdale is a fictional town that serves as the setting for most of the various Archie Comics characters. Conflicting details have been given about his.

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Preserving the essence of the original material, Riverdale takes up the famous characters from Archie, a prolific and successful series of comics and young adult books created by John L. Goldwater and cartoonist Bob Montana, which have been published by Archie Comics Publications since the 1990s. The cast includes young talent K. In the context of the launch of the series in the US, where an interesting reception from the local audience has been observed that has earned it the prompt confirmation of a second season, Riverdale is the spearhead of a comprehensive agreement between Warner Bros.

Television and Archie Comics to jointly develop various television content based on the publisher’s various properties, including the superheroes in the Dark Circle Comics collection. Excited, Archie shares his life decision with his neighbor and schoolmate Betty Cooper, secretly in love with him.

Meanwhile, the magnetic Veronica arrives in town, soon capturing everyone’s attention, including Archie. Although it is clear that both girls have set eyes on the same boy, Betty and Veronica become friends. Their relationship deepens when they face off against provocative and hostile Cheryl, who is suspected of hiding information related to the death of her twin brother Jason.

For his part, Jughead, who used to be Archie’s best friend, begins to write a crime novel with the purpose of recounting the strange events that occurred during the summer in Riverdale, including the origin of the problem with his lifelong buddy.

Riverdale – 6×05 – Betty Shoots Archie. Betty and Jughead Kiss