Argentine Fried Cake

Homemade Fried Cakes Recipe: All Versions

The fried cake, cachanga sopaipilla, pireca or chipa cuerito is a typical snack of River Plate cuisine. It is similar in preparation and origin to other traditional Latin American dishes, although fried cakes are usually prepared.

Toras Fritas is a famous street food, made using lard and sprinkled with powdered sugar in Argentina. It is especially very during rainy.

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A very Argentine recipe, with few ingredients and easy to make. Homemade fried cakes are ideal to eat on rainy days.

How to make Argentine fried cake · grams of flour · 10 grams of fresh yeast · grams of beef lard · Salt · Milk · Water · Olive oil.

Buenos Aires Fried Cake

Fried cakes are in Argentina and Uruguay, where it is traditional to enjoy them on a rainy afternoon with yerba mate tea.

Recipe of fried cakes step by step

Recipe for fried cakes step by step warm fried cakes warm Place the g. If you don’t have self-rising flour, nothing happens, you can use directly g. Mix the flour well, make a hole in the middle and add a teaspoon of salt. In the same hole in which we added the salt, we are now going to incorporate cm3 of hot water and then the pork or beef fat.

It is important that the water is hot since otherwise we would have to melt the fat before incorporating it, therefore doing it this way saves us a step. Once we add the fat we are going to mix with our hands. If you wear rings like me, remember to take them off before you start!

Transfer the dough to a countertop and knead for several minutes. It is not necessary to knead a lot, but make sure that it is well united. Now we are going to wrap the dough bun in plastic wrap and let it rest. It is said that the ideal is to prepare the dough and let it rest overnight to cook the fried cakes the next day. In my case, I let it sit for half an hour and its consistency absolutely changed. Once we have the dough ready we are going to form a kind of cylinder and cut it into small pieces to divide the dough for each fried cake.

I recommend that you watch the video so that you understand better what I mean, since explaining it in writing is a bit difficult. With each piece of dough we are going to make a ball. The function of this hole in the fried cake is not aesthetic, but so that the oil can pass through it while it is cooked. If you want to make stuffed fried cakes you can use a little cheese like I did.

It’s time to cook them. The truth is that in my opinion, like empanadas, fried cakes are much better if we fry them in fat.