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Aries – Astrological Ascendant. Ascendant in Aries. (Descendant in Libra) People with Ascendant in Aries are determined. They need to stay active and.

✨Part 2: Ascendants (Aries♈)✨ · ASCENDANTS: · Next, you will be able to find out which is your ascendant. My zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

SUN OR ASCENDANT IN ARIES. A year starting off with good vibes and vibes, Mars conjunct Moon in Sagittarius is feeling dynamic.

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Important energy information for the ascendant in Aries: Mars, your ruler, entered Sagittarius (fire sign, expansive) and this.

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The small and large differences between the natives of the Aries Sign are due in large part to their Ascendant. We tell you what are the features of each.

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Owner of an inexhaustible store of energy, you do not understand why those around you end up exhausted. Any kind of injustice or cruelty awakens his protective facet, capable of risking anything for those he loves. Your fascinating personality never seems to be the same as yourself, but you are always extremely outspoken, positive and impulsive. It is also true that at times you can be aggressive and hostile, and a slave to your intense sexual drive, and your reckless nature makes you prone to accidents.

The Aries native is a natural leader who likes to be in front. He owes this fiery temperament to the ruler Mars, the planet of action and aggression. Fortunately, his fury flares up and is extinguished as quickly as fire on a thin layer of fuel. He is always enthusiastic, and can put his naturally competitive style at the service of his partner, causing greater and greater arousal.

Can be forgetful and lazy, and abhors all petty details, especially if they are financial. However, his innate good luck provides him with good opportunities, both in terms of money and career. You like to travel light and live in the moment, and you make friends easily.

Any lover who wants to stay in Aries’s life must be a bubbly buddy willing to keep up with her pace…and lend herself to anything in and out of bed, and able to tolerate her need for freedom, while still loving her. feel safe and loved. It is in your best interest to invest that excess energy and aggressiveness in a sport or in some good cause that demands your time, in order to give your partner and friends a well-earned respite.

And try to tame your intense instinct for independence to allow true intimacy with someone.

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